RV camper remodel

Christine R
last month

Hi everyone, we have recently acquired a 1996 RV camper which we are going to update on a budget. I don’t want to put too much out there of what’s already in my mind as I love unadulterated ideas from others. I can pretty much guarantee the cabinets will be painted, I like the idea of white uppers and navy or black lower. I am curious if anyone has ever painted over those gold decorative stripes on the cabinets and the dinette (vinyl I assume)? The appliances will all stay, I am willing to paint or otherwise attempt to decorate somehow, but not willing to spend the money to replace any of them as they all work just fine. Any and all opinions are welcome! Please keep in mind though that this is a camper, not a home, and all updates must be budget friendly and light-weight. Thanks in advance for all the great ideas! I could only post four pictures, I will try to add some more in the comments.

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