Begonia canes in the basement

hc mcdole
2 months ago

The begonias are looking very good this year. Maybe that is due to watering habits or more attention to possible issues.

From today:

Snow Capped with new shoots coming up

Avalanche with new shoots coming on fast

3 different canes

Different canes in leaf size, color, splashes/dots/plain

More variance

Another area of canes (mostly) and some rhizomatous The small leaf one on the left is Miniperba while the bigger one to the right is Irene Nuss (showing its new juvenile splashes - it will turn darker green as it matures). Other canes in the back are Esther Albertine, Teen Angel, Nokomis, a large spotted cane I have no name for, and a couple others.

I wished I had a name for this one.

The blooms were hidden behind another cane I had to bend out of the way to reveal what was behind. The dark green one is probably the bloomer and probably Black Jack.

B. diadema in the middle is a UJR (upright jointed rhizome) is surrounded by canes of several flavors and the big round leaf of B. popenoei. The really strange one is the rolled up leaves of one cane.

I am pretty sure this is Comte de Lesseps but I didn't mark it after I bought it at PHOE in Miami (probably last visit there before it closed its doors for good)

One of the middle shelves is mostly canes and a lot are above the lights now.

One I raised from seed off the mother maculata plant.

Cracked Ice as purchased but it may really be White Ice

Sylvan Triumph

Lana on the right with the silver splashing while the one with dots is unknown and may be seed grown from one of my coccinea types.

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  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    19 days ago

    'Sylvan Triumph'

    'Cracked Ice' behind Sylvan

    NOID on this cane.
    a seedling from maculata. These are very narrow leaves but still has some large polka dots.
    'Jim Wyrtzen' is the cane and phutoensis is the peltate leaf rhizomatous on the left.

    'Comte de Lesseps' is becoming one of my favorite canes today.

    The tall begonias are around 6.5 feet tall today.

    'Snow Capped'

    Smaller canes including 'Miniperba', 'Teen Angel', 'Nokomis' and a few others plus 'Red Fred' and 'Janet Brown'

    'Irene Nuss', a pothos from Walmart (Exotic Angels), the Hawaiian Kalanchoe, 'Taconite' showing some blue, and a hybrid of thiemei.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    19 days ago

    by this afternoon my plants were warmed up and standing..a few pics..I pulled the limb out of the several snowball viburnums in pic #1..
    from a very quick look around..the peonies are the saddest plants in the yard..
    tonight's forecast is 28..not good..

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  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    19 days ago
    last modified: 19 days ago

    doesn't it feel as if each time you post you do something different than the time before?..I don't understand the inconsistent screens..
    until the path is plant free I need the sign..since the sign we had a delivery and she did use the driveway!..
    I'll just dig lamium now and then..when it really starts to bother me..
    which of the 3 of us had the most snowfall?..I didn't have a lot of inches but it was wet and heavy..I bet my plants looked the worst Ha!..
    I wondered if that was Persicaria virginiana..I have another volunteer..did I show you a pic of it? has red and white..yours are 1000 times bigger than mine..
    I have quite a few "weedy" plants's ok..I have a wild garden..
    you have a cold night tonight too?..this is getting tiresome..
    Patti is a fan of your begonias too..I think anyone that sees them must admit they're beautiful..
    I might've? had (and killed) a B. 'Silver Queen'..
    I haven't seen my overwintering pots idea if anything's happening..I've been out enjoying our beautiful weather..until today..

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    19 days ago
    last modified: 19 days ago

    as usual your begonias are looking great!..

    love phutoensis..exotic..I say that a lot..

    the 6.5 foot begonias are growing close to their new tall lights..they're taller than my alocasias..and taller than lots of my shrubs! have such a green thumb..

  • Patti ~ Chicago Zone 5b/6a
    18 days ago

    Beautiful begonias as usual!! The cold is here but we do not have any snow. We had flurries here but nothing has stuck. I was hoping we did not get the snow. I have very damp winter sown plants and they need some consistent sun and warm air. I received some iris bulbs from my late sister's yard last fall and I am waiting to see them. I hope the color is as nice as yours. They are the same color as yours. I already want to move them to a different place in my yard. I wonder if they do well facing east with good morning sun. I think the spot will be better than were I did place them. The squirrels kept digging them up.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    18 days ago

    How cold did it get? We were at 28 this morning on our deck but most everything came out just fine - maybe the wind kept frost at bay?

    The previous day's post was done using Word. I copy everything including photos from my last post to the end and put it into Word. I then go through each line and answer (or not) as best I can. I delete what I answered and the photos and add comments where appropriate. I then copy and paste into GW and it all looks good but when I go to submit, I get errors saying the text is too long or some kind of nonsense. I think Word has some hidden formatting and that screws up the post. So I copied from Word to Notepad (simple text) and then copy from it to GW and it goes.

    I hope your sign works for you until your path is plant free. I see too many people use the direct path across the lawn here.

    I am sure you can get rid of excess Lamium if and when it is required. I have been beating back Asian jasmine and now the florist ivy with a very heavy duty string trimmer. This is too powerful to use on the lawn.

    All the years I've lived in GA (43 now) we've only had one snow in April and that was on April Fool's day. About four inches and it was gone that afternoon. I planted old man cacti out in our little flower patch that survived all winter (and we got into the teens) but after that snow melted, they all fell over and died. I guess the sap was rising or it was too wet and cold?

    Yeah, that sure looks like Painter's Palette. It is a beautiful little weed but it can get out of control if you let it.

    B. Silver Queen has been a long time favorite of mine. I lost Cancan (or is it Can Can) probably named after the French dance? I eventually lost it after many years - starts out silver in spring with new leaves but in October it starts to color pink (from the cold?) and eventually almost red.

    So many Asian begonias that are just striking but so many of them are high humidity begonias and need a tank or terrarium to winter over in.

    I'm happy with the tall begonias but I will probably have to start pinching out the terminal nodes as I don't want them on the ceiling (8 feet).

    Hi Patti,

    What kind of Iris bulbs did you get from your late sister? Dutch? I have a few bearded iris, some Dutch that really haven't done much at all, and 4 Siberian that a friend gave me. I had some Japanese that I grew from seed (Park Seed) that were gorgeous but our last dog dug them out of the ground and the few I had in a Vietnamese water bowl. Darn dogs anyway! Anyway I think most iris do better in very sunny areas. At our last house I went through an Iris phase and had around 120 different types (mostly bearded from tall to dwarf) but then I started planting trees and shrubs and most of the iris disappeared from all the shade.

    At Walmart earlier today and saw these gorgeous hostas (no name) for $3.97 and $4.37 each.

    This morning before Walmart I took some pictures of seedlings and starter plants (from leaf cuttings). These were started in early January
    The two trays on the right were in 3 inch pots and in 10 gallon fish tanks since last August. I recently moved them up to 5 inch bowls. The one on the right seemed a bit droopy so I put a tall lid over them.
    I got some leaves from one of the women in our begonia club last month. The rexes are already showing babies but the other green ones are rooted without babies yet.
    Here are some I moved up from leaf cuttings a couple of weeks ago. I don't recall when I put them down. I am guessing early Jan.

    I think I started these in early March.

    I moved the 2.75 inch pots to 4 inch and have them with a lid too.

    Here is one I am really hoping makes it. It is the one on the right edge and was a weakling when I brought it indoors in fall. I watered it very carefully instead of potting it down. Then I happened to over water it when I was watering the orchids next to it and thought I killed it. I captured the last two leaves (I think one is gone) with this one showing new growth. This is Connee Boswell (a jazz singer back in the 1920's and 30's). The hybridizer named a lot of his crosses after jazz musicians (one was Little Brother Montgomery).

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    18 days ago

    I moved these two up to bigger pots a couple of weeks ago. One on the left is 'Spanish Moss' (I think it is) and sizemoreae (used to be U488 and AKA the Vietnamese begonia). I have to put a lot of these bigger pots on the floor because there is no space on the shelf anymore.

    My Buddha belly plants (Jatropha podagrica) I grew from eBay seeds have been blooming on and off all winter. The begonia on the left is Fireflush and the cane on the right is unknown (I thought it was Mary Ann Flunker)

    two more BB plants.
    I took all my caladiums down from top shelves since some started to sprout and now watering lightly.
    One of my moth orchids (I have four normal sized and four mini ones)
    some seedlings (just dump some seed pods in there and see what happens)

    Survival of the fittest?

    The bigger plant is from a cutting surrounded by seedlings.

    This tray is a long one and hard to reach so I just replace dead leaf cuttings with fresh ones and hope some take. I got the pellets too wet in this tray.

    So instead of doing wedges I started with entire leaves or cut leaves with petioles still attached.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    18 days ago

    I think this is palmata and is really cool with all its "fingers" and its ring. The guy who got this traveled to NE India and traversed rivers and put up with leeches and drug gangs, etc. This was one of his finds.

    Another man in our club got this in Asia (China?) but he doesn't remember much about it so I call it the Ozzie begonia after him.

    My Little Brother is hard to keep out of the light so there are a few burned leaves. I am keeping them with the intent of starting new plants from them.
    more caladiums on the top shelf but this shelf is four feet tall so it is easy to water for now. They will all go outside very soon - maybe next week.

    I love this cane begonia for its big bold silver splashes - Silver Mist.

    Two Fedor plants and one Daenerys (you can't see it from this view) filled this 12 inch bowl fast. I picked them up as Walmart plants last May.
    Alma Crawford is a beauty and I am hoping it will fill this bowl one of these days.

    Plum Paisley from Ozzie the hybridizer.

    Robert Golden
    one of four Cowardly Lion plants from leaf wedges started in mid-November.

  • Patti ~ Chicago Zone 5b/6a
    18 days ago

    I have the bearded iris type. I was given a box of roots and some greenery from my brother in law. I picked them all apart and only planted what I thought would come up. There was so much waste of hard rhizomes with no growth. I cut all that away and planted them in sun but I am not sure I like where they are now. I just hope they do bloom. Thy are coming up better than I thought they would after the squirrels moved a few. They seem pretty tough.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    18 days ago


    The irises may not bloom the first year or even the second. It takes a year or two (or three) to get established but the wait is worth it. Anyhow, I am wishing you lots of luck with your irises.

    Here is one at the park we hike at - teeny tiny thing. I went down to the shoreline to pick up some inconsiderate fool's trash and saw the tiny irises (in the clump right past the bottles).

    They are more prolific in another part of the park which is more dangerous for us old folks. My wife broke her leg on that part of the trail in 2018 and I fell last year banging up my knee, forearm, and wrist. She won't let me go there any more since we got this new dog.

    and I had one Dutch Iris bloom for me last year.

    My Siberian iris last year but this was in May.

    Not very keen on this one though.

    The irises in the front yard (early May last year)

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    18 days ago
    last modified: 18 days ago

    my overnight lows..28 on Tues..34 on Weds..forecast says 37 for Thurs..then we warm up..80 for Tues!..the snow weighed down my plants..they looked terrible..I'm so happy the snow melted fast and the plants stood up..

    I see some damage..a few broken stems..hosta leaves with creases and rips..I bet I'll notice more later but I refuse to stress..

    it's terrible that GW isn't user shouldn't be so labor intensive to post comments..

    I wouldn't mind more Painter's Palette..mine hasn't done much..

    so begonias have difficult cultivars too..some hostas have a bad reputation..I don't mind ordinary tried and true plants..
    I think 6.5 ft is plenty tall for a plant that needs to overwinter inside..Lol..

    here's your laugh for the day..
    my tuberous begonia is blooming but it's has blooms but the leaves are almost invisible..shouldn't the leaves grow out before it blooms?..probably could've used more light and more water..when it first started growing again it had short stems with tiny was sort of cute..then it got leggy and ugly..I'd like to see if being outside would fix it..I hope it lives long enough to go out..

    my slightly damaged unidentified biggest at the moment..was marked as Striptease but that's incorrect..more than one leaf has a rip..kind of squashed..I'll get over it..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    18 days ago


    I hope we are past the cold snaps now. While we were at 28 yesterday on our deck, it bounced back fairly quick to warm temps. Just think in the heat of summer we will be wanting colder or cooler temps.

    I bet most of your plants will be looking good in no time. A few degrees below freezing for a night or two should not be too hard. Teens are a different story or several nights below freezing may put a bigger dent in things.

    You might change your mind about Painter's Palette if they got out of control. I try to hedge or weed whack mine before going to seed but sometimes that just doesn't pan out.

    There are many begonias that have difficulty growing. Sometimes you just have to accept defeat after a few losses on the same type of plant. When folks say you can't grow this in Atlanta, then 9 times out of 10 they are correct. I tried Meconopsis by seed and ordered a live plant once - nope. Gunnera - forget about it. I haven't even attempted a lilac here but they are small trees in North Dakota.

    I agree on height of an indoor houseplant. I gave up on rubber trees, Norfolk Island pines, giant bird of paradise plant, and a few others over the years. At some point they just outgrow their living quarters.

    That is a sick looking begonia - looks like it needs a lot of light and maybe a sip of water? Perhaps a little feed after it perks back up.

    Speaking of your tuberous begonia, I put a big pot of a dark leaf orange flowering tuberous in the cart yesterday at Sam's Club. The prices were confusing in the parking lot though - $12.88 and $27.98 so I put this in the cart hoping the lower price was it. Well we checked out in the self checkout line and rung up this begonia at the very last. Yep the price was the expensive one so I canceled that item but I couldn't pay for the order until it was approved by an associate. Trying to find an associate who is supposed to be in the area of self checkout was difficult. I was ready to walk out leaving the cart of food there. My wife finally found someone to come clear the register for us so we could pay and leave. I refuse to pay that much for a begonia or most plants in general. HA!

    I got one of these orange ones last year at Walmart for $12.88 and the one at Sam's might have a deeper pot (ridiculous depth) and a little fancier pot but for $29 was a bit steep.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    17 days ago

    our 10 day forecast looks good..the snow and low temperature (28) set records for April 21..that was definitely not average weather for April..I think the snow helped..but it was awful to see my plants flattened..I hope you're right that my plants will look good soon..thanks for the encouragement..

    I saw a broken branch on a small Lindera tree yesterday sigh..the lowest branch..6 ft and beautiful..the branch tip is now resting on the'll need to come off..I think the snow snapped heavy limbs nearby that fell on it..

    did you carry the begonias you put out back in the house before Thursday's low temperature?..

    the 2 plants here that give me the most grief?..Clausa hosta and lamium..

    I avoid fussy plants too..they're not worth it..

    my begonia is sad!..I'm surprised that it bloomed!..I'm just playing around with it..

    really looking forward to shopping for summer plants!!..

    $29 is too high for that pot of begonias..the price on the hostas you showed were reasonable..but I don't need them..

    I'm going to my Dad's niece is coming and bringing her 2 yr old Dad (and all of us) get a big kick out of her..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    17 days ago

    I don't remember ever having a freeze this late in April either but it happens. I hope this is the last of the cold weather until October.

    I only had one begonia outside under the deck and I did move it in Wednesday. The other plant was the Mexican Hydrangea (Clerodendrum bungei) which had a major case of scale insects. I tried Orchard spray (pyrethrin) which didn't show any benefit. Then I dumped my fertilizer squirt bottle for orchids into a jar and filled it with rubbing alcohol and sprayed all the stems several times - again no benefit that I could see. I really hate the cotton swab with alcohol as this is time consuming. I let it outdoors in full sun to get it ready for growing. It is hardy here but you don't want it touching the ground else it will spread like wildfire.

    I hope your begonia improves.

    That was NOT the pot of begonias for $28. That pot was much deeper and more decorative but still plastic. There may have been an extra begonia or two in the Sam's Club pot too. But still, that is too much money for something that is more an annual here.

    I don't need the hostas at Walmart either - I have too many as it is but I do like the prices. I bought many over 3 years there with names at very good prices.

    Oh those babies are always something else. My youngest grand daughter will be 2 in early June and she is a mess. My oldest one will be 22 in early September. Our daughters are 22 months apart but their children are years apart. The oldest daughter has an 18, 20, and 21 (the one who will turn 22 in a few months) while the youngest daughter has a 12 year old and soon to be 2 year old.

    I got up at 12:30 and started playing with PS again removing the background of some begonias.

    It would probably be easier to get some colored paper and put it down (if I can keep creases and wrinkles out) on the floor and then put the plants on top and take a picture than removing background distractions.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    16 days ago
    last modified: 16 days ago

    it's overcast with a soft rain..fingers crossed that we're finished with freezes..but I doubt it..2?3? weeks until I'm safe..

    my 5 hour visit at Dad's wore me out Ha!..the baby was perfect..went to bed at 11:30..up at 6:30..but then had a nap in the recliner Lol..

    I figured the begonia spent the night in the house..of course I would've brought in in too..

    thanks for the support on my begonia..I watered it and the stems are upright now..but still ugly Ha!..

    I did realize the orange begonias weren't the expensive ones..I like those..if they were available here I'd buy one..

    2 of my favorites June and Fire Island were available at Walmart..I already owned them but bought more for such a good price..

    I didn't realize that you have 5 grandchildren..the babies are such busy and funny..she filled my Dad's lap with toys..then went back and would take them away!..I took no effort with the pics Lol..I took them to send to my nephew..

    I don't know how to edit the that option available on a phone? nephew removed a neighbor's trash can in one of my photos..I texted the photo..he fixed it..texted idea how he did it..

    I bet it would be tough to keep the "background paper" pristine..

    on the hosta forum some put the hosta names on their photos..have you tried that?..
    I've put some text on a few..dates and names..but not lately..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    16 days ago

    I think I will start moving some plants out this week. Start with some of my bigger plants (not begonias) and continue from there. All the Sansevieria plants are going out, the yucca maybe put in the ground for permanent, ginger plants, Clerodendrum plants, Cordyline, etc.

    Babies are like young dogs - full of energy but also need some nap time and a good night of sleep if possible. I've been up since 1:30 as I couldn't sleep and Rufus came to my side of the bed to be taken out. He's napping now and I'm going through my email, etc. after I finished the Sunday crosswords and word jumble.

    I also think that is why most animals including humans have babies when they are young. Imagine keeping up with babies at our age?

    Yeah, even if my Escargot took a turn for the worst, it still has a lot of vigor in it so I didn't want to make it even worse by letting it out on a very cold night. I will cut off most of the leaves and let nature take its course.

    Begonias for the most part are very resilient. Don't over water and give it some light and warmth and they will usually respond in kind.

    The orange begonias aren't expensive because they can propagate them in the thousands (maybe millions) but the pot size kind of dictates more money for whatever is growing in the pot.

    I think it will take something really special in hostas for me to buy another one (for now).

    I have no idea on editing on phones. I do know that it has become a lot easier than ever before. I use the monthly PS/LR package from Adobe - $9.99 a month. Lots of tools but learning them can be a steep learning curve.

    I used a cream color towel many years ago to be my "background" for begonia pictures. You are right about keeping paper pristine and towels may be even worse since "dirt" is harder to remove. At least I can throw the towel in the laundry but paper is best discarded once it hits a certain point.

    Oh yeah, it is very easy to add names to the pictures. You simply go to the text tool. Draw a bounding box where you want it to go and start typing. You can change the font, color, background, move the box to different spots, and even put a curve, bevel, shading, 3D look on text as well.

    Here are a couple of examples I did many years ago.

    I even put my granddaughter on top of a begonia leaf in 2007 (she would've been four then)

    I got a picture of my dad sharpening his chainsaw many years ago, cropped it to just him and some trashcans, ran those through different filters and made a collage of all four with a gradient background.

    The original

    I also copied just him and the chainsaw and pasted on top of a LIFE magazine cover and changed the text to Chainsaw Mac - expert woodcutter Man of the Year for his 80th birthday. Unfortunately I cannot find that picture but I printed it out 8x10 and framed it to give to him at the birthday party.

    Anyway, it really is amazing what you can do in the "digital darkroom" that was too complicated or near impossible in the old analog darkroom of many years ago.

    On another note, we were at Walmart yesterday to get the early edition of the Sunday paper (I have to get it for the weekly crosswords and jumble) and went back to gardening and found they had B. maculata in the store so one happened to leap into the cart. More than I wanted to pay but still a lot cheaper than the orange tuberous at Sam's a couple of days earlier.

    I took these starter plants to our begonia meeting yesterday. That frees up a little space. Now I can move up some more propagated plants to 3 inch pots for another giveaway.

    I tilled up a small spot in the backyard Friday to put 15 dahlias in their summer spot. I need to put up a fence around them to keep Rufus out of there though. Why did we get a dog again? HAHA!This is what I got from HD back in Feb.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    15 days ago
    last modified: 15 days ago

    it's nerve wracking deciding if it's safe for plants..

    isn't it great that if our sleep is "off" (insomnia, Rufus etc) we don't have to go to work anyway..and can take a nap!

    I completely agree..babies are for young people..

    some shopping today!..
    Menards..$5 Kimberly Queen fern..half price..the hanging basket was cracked..I asked for a discount..she said "I can do $5"..3 - $3 premium annuals..a yellow lantana..2 tuberous..dark leaves with either red, yellow or both?..$9 pot green leaved tuberous red blooms..$8 Krossa Regal..a favorite hosta.. imperfect begonia that I passed on..I'm going to look at another Walmart..3 orange begonias dark leaves..$6.88 each..

    in the garage for tonight..

    I'd like to find another one..

    Krossa Regal..6 begonias..a very tiny glimpse of lantana..

    5 begonias and a lantana..

    the Kimberly Queen and potted hostas..

    my potted hostas and a Lowe's $4 Boston fern..the hanging basket was broken..bought it a few days's in one of my pots now and sitting in a tall black pot..

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    15 days ago
    last modified: 15 days ago

    back to finish..I should take "junk" pics and experiment with edits..

    maybe a vinyl tablecloth as a background?..

    aren't pics fun?..and the custom edits make them even more special..great pics of your Dad and granddaughter..years ago on a vacation my sister bought a "magazine cover" photo of her 4 kids as a present for my was a Parents magazine..very cute..

    I didn't see B. maculata at Walmart today..I really want to go to another store..

    the starter begonias are adorable..

    I haven't tried dahlias..can't wait to see your pics..if only dogs..squirrels..bugs..hail..falling sticks etc would stay away from our plants!..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    14 days ago

    You kind of get the feel for what and when it is safe for plants - I assume you are talking about taking when to take houseplants outside.

    I love retirement. No phones to answer, no email, no deadlines, no red tape, and no bosses. I can sleep at any time of the day I decide to. Maybe that is why at a certain age it is best to retire - old folks need their naps. HA!

    I told my daughter by the time her youngest (the almost 2 year old) graduates college I will be close to 90. Hopefully I am alive to see it.

    Ah, spring time shopping. Looking good. I had to dig up my Krossa Regal and Winter Snow as they were dwindling where I put them. Too hot and dry I would fathom. They were very large when I bought them from HD a few years earlier. And I bought Olive Bailey Langdon from Walmart (I think) in some of those grab bags so they didn't get off to a good start in the same area.

    I see ads on FB about editing photos on the phone but I've never ever thought about editing on a phone. They make it look simple.

    It really depends on how busy the "vinyl" tablecloth is. If it is a solid color it should be easy as long as it isn't the same color as your plants or pots. This reminds me of a time my wife and a co-worker made an office calendar of employees' pets. They asked for the office to give them a photo or two of their pets for a calendar. I didn't do anything to layout the calendar but I was asked to clean up some of the photos. The two I remember the most were of a nice scene (Halloween) with straw bales, pumpkins, and other fall/Halloween type decorations. The dog was on a straw bale (German Shepherd as I recall) in the center. The problem was the scene was too big to really get great detail on the dog. I think the photo size was maybe 4x6 or 4x5. The worst photo was of a basset hound or a dachshund on a workbench with all kinds of clutter including tools and a roll of paper towels. I knew about cloning back then but this was hard to clone all the mess out. I started by cropping the photo to eliminate a lot of the clutter but then I had to clone each and every area around the dog. Gee whiz!

    Oh yeah, I know it is easy to take a picture of a magazine (or get it online) and them superimpose (or composite as another word) over top of the mag cover with a cutout of anybody you wish. I did that for my BIL as a favor and it was fun. He and a group of friends at the lake where they have their houseboat at were jokesters. A friend of his posted a picture of my BIL and put words around the picture for the local lake newsletter. Best Floater or something like that. My BIL wanted to get the guy back with a bigger takedown and enlisted me (being a photo type guy?) to do his "dirty" work. I needed a photo of the guy he wanted to take down a peg or two and sent me about 20 photos and most were of family, not the guy in question. I think I had two photos with him in it as a group photo and they were dark and a bit blurry. I asked for a better photo and I think my niece sent me a couple. No wonder they wanted me to do this since they had no decent photos. So I suggested that I impose his face on a funny video I saw on GMA at the time involving big burly Russian men in pink tutus pretending to do ballet steps and then one by one jump into a hole cut in the ice of a lake. That clip itself was funny but finding a photo of a video clip was hard to find. Anyway I did all the impossible - even scaling the face I cut out from the guy they wanted to prank and finding the right body to superimpose on the Russian dancers. I sent the final result to my BIL and they posted it in the local newspaper with a headline that said "Guy visits Russia and does a ballet dance-swim". Okay that is funny but there were a lot of folks at the lake who actually thought this all went down. Wow - so many gullible people around us.

    I saw many photos on FB about folks buying maculata and other cane type begonias at Lowe's and HD (I have seen some at HD but passed on those back in the fall and winter). I was surprised to see them at Walmart including the black raven ZZ plant and what looked like a shingles plant too.

    HAHA! Yeah if the world was ideal we would have perfect plants, no pests, and the right amount of rain each and every week PLUS we would never have freezing temps. Oh and there would be no murder or war or pandemics too.

    I started with Dahlias before I was married by buying a couple of large red with white tips plants for my mother since she admired them but would never spend the money back then. My dad planted one on each side of the small porch at the front door. They came back each year for 3 or 4 years but then one winter was extremely cold and they never made it. This had to be in the early 70's.

    I checked on my tuberous in the garage a day or two ago. One is up. This has not had any water since I moved it indoors back in early November and it was saturated from rain.

    The wood ferns are taking over the little courtyard. The Vinca may be shaded out if I let this go on unabated.

    We went to Walmart Saturday afternoon - after my begonia meeting (1 to 3:30)

    This is how the skies looked after returning to the car in one direction.

    In the other direction it looked fine. My fat finger is on the edge of the phone lens.
    a blend of threatening skies and easing up.

    We needed the rain as the ground was starting to crack from drying out.

    On our hike yesterday I went down to this little waterfall area and was surprised to see the telltale signs of cinnamon ferns. I've been down this area many times over the last 3 years but didn't know these were cinnamon ferns (maybe because the fertile fronds were already gone). We used to take or let our last dog go down there for a drink almost every time. It isn't far down there but it is steep so you have to make sure you have one foot planted before moving the other going down. Coming up is easier (for me).

    The rattlesnake ferns were lush looking yesterday too. Normally in July/August they are all dried up from the heat and drought. This is close to the top of the trail (an access road for the park rangers and utility vehicles usually has the crews clear cutting the sides of this clay, washed out access road so the ferns are exposed to the hot sun in the afternoon. What great survivors though?
    Almost back to the parking lot - one more small grade to climb. Native azaleas are about over for this year. You probably can't see them in this photo.

    But the Mountain Laurel is coming on strong (I turned to the left of the above picture and spotted the Mountain Laurel)

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    14 days ago
    last modified: 14 days ago

    I was out all day..I put my new plants overwintering tropicals are still inside..I pulled weeds..2 really nasty ones (poison ivy and greenbriar) coming over from a neighbor..just a small amount of each..not the trashy neighbors a different one..their place is fairly tidy but not pretty..picked up sticks..

    do you ever wonder how you managed to work AND do everything else? seems impossible to work now..Ha!..

    they say gardeners have a longer than average life expectancy..we'll both be here a long time yet..

    hostas can just fade away..Praying Hands is my biggest failure..I still have it but it declined..I found it on the ground after a squirrel dug it out of the pot..

    the edits I do are simple on a phone..the kinds of things you do..I'm not sure if they're possible on a phone??..

    I'm amazed that people don't realize everything shows in a photograph..I've seen real estate photos with so much clutter in the house I'd be humiliated if the world saw our house like that..

    so a well done video convinced people that what was a joke was real?..that's funny..

    dahlias would be more work here..they wouldn't overwinter..I don't have it in me to take on anything else at the moment..

    my tuberous was tiny just like yours..hope yours is pretty..

    nice looking ferns..I'll be cutting my lamium soon..needs it and it's still April..

    we have rain in the forecast..our ground isn't dry..when I dug out some dandelions today the soil was moist..

    I noticed blooms on 2 Buckeye trees..the blooms were too high to get a close up or a sniff to see if they're fragrant..

    Mountain Laurels are pretty..

    one of my Buckeyes..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    13 days ago

    I clipped a poison ivy to the ground around the double file viburnums yesterday. If I had a hoe or gloves on I would've gotten the roots too. Also green briar or cat briar or saw briar is always a problem as it is hard to get the fleshy rhizome deep in the ground. I usually keep clipping them close to the ground.

    I was doing outdoor chores for five hours yesterday and then an extra hour or so in the basement watering and potting up starter plants in the evening. Geez - this stuff gets old.

    Yeah, gardening is or should be a past time, not a full time job, right? HA!

    Eventually we won't be able to garden but I will continue as long as I can. My begonia mentor has really downsized the 15 years I've known her. She had a basement and a couple rooms full of plants when I met her. She had quit outdoor gardening due to bugs and allergies. She would hand off her big begonias to her husband to plant outdoors (he passed away a few years ago). She now lives at her daughter's house in a converted garage and bumped out a sun room into the backyard. I see myself one day just dabbling with small plants indoors.Some plants do better in some regions than other regions. We as gardeners have to find out the hard way. I quit buying the mini hostas as I can't keep them. Too much work.

    I've never done photo editing on a phone. I hate typing on a phone as it is! HAHA!Oh yeah, the camera sees a lot of things we don't notice until we review the photo or see it before pushing the shutter button. To clear an area of all clutter is sometimes more trouble than it is worth so photo editing to the rescue. At least cropping away the bulk of clutter works very effectively. The question or quest as it is, is why aren't plants rectangular shaped? I know hedges are usually shaped that way but what about all the other plants.

    Not a video but a picture using a still frame from a video to superimpose someone's face on the real person.

    I usually let dahlias in the ground and if they come back, great and if they don't, that is fine too.

    Rain is usually welcome here but sometimes (rare) it just rains for days on end and things start rotting. We had a two week period in July in the late 80's where it was constant. I woke up one night and thought what woke me up? The rain had stopped. YAY! And then it started again.The red buckeyes don't get very tall unless they are hybrids with another species of buckeye. I think the common name is red horse chestnut?

    I broke down and bought a bottle brush buckeye a few years ago. I never thought I would do that until I saw them in bloom at the ABG about the time that oakleaf hydrangeas are over. My buckeye from last summer.

    The ones at the ABG were about 7 foot tall and quite impressive.

    This was in June 2015.

    Shot from the canopy walkway showing them next to some oakleaf hydrangeas.

    Yesterday in the backyard

    A volunteer oakleaf in the backyard - about six feet away from Little Honey

    Little Honey with that golden glow.
    Rufus chewing a stick in a mondo grass area

    Clearing this area is a nightmare with overgrown shrubs, weeds, and Okame cherry suckers every few feet. Mountain laurel is almost ready but not quite.

    more of the clematis next to that mountain laurel. I put bird netting over our fence for the vines to grow up - a few different clematis and the crossvine 'Tangerine Beauty'

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    13 days ago
    last modified: 13 days ago

    this is what I cut down yesterday..such a nasty can't touch it anywhere without getting stabbed..I did as you did..cut it at ground level..

    the poison ivy was small..5 inches?..I pulled it but didn't get all of the root..

    I started taking out some lamium's crowding my Krossa Regals..

    gardening as we get older is's a big reason why one of the neighbors in back moved..they were here 40 years..they decided it was too hard to take care of..

    I've heard people say they have trouble with minis..they do ok here..wonder what the problem is??..

    to edit on a phone would be a piece of cake for you..

    do dahlias need to be staked?..

    I don't know the different buckeye trees..I just always called mine buckeyes..

    the bottlebrush buckeye blooms aren't too different than the ones on my tree..

    some of my doublefiles are blooming..

    I cut the bent and broken stems on my peony today..I could've cried..3 had buds..I'm not sure if I have any more buds..I didn't want to look..

    I love the foliage of oakleaf hydrangeas..Little Honey is a beauty..

    here's 2 pics of the garden "decor" of the neighbors in taste is so different..what do you think of their rocks and their "decorations" ??.our dream would be a 10 ft high mirror all along the back facing would force them to see their own yard instead of ours..Ha!

    these pics don't show it all..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    13 days ago

    Yes, I know that Smilax is the infamous "saw briar/cat briar/green briar" depending on where you live - it is the same thing. It is hard to get rid of due to its deep rhizome and often comes up among plants you don't want to damage their roots searching for the Smilax's deep tuber/rhizome or whatever they call it. I cut a good sized vine on my double file viburnums and mountain laurel two days ago - good thing I was doing that then as the vine was almost at blooming stage and I don't want or need any more of this vine. Did you know there is a Smilax that is sold as a desirable vine (Jackson vine)? I think it is fairly rare and found in some places in Alabama. I doubt I would ever buy any part of that family.

    Better to be stabbed than getting a nasty rash from poison ivy? Blackberry vines are as noxious as Smilax with their million little thorns. I was picking up last year's dead bracken fern fronds, bedstraw, and other weeds when I got stuck by a blackberry vine that I didn't notice. Ouch.
    I think the problem with mini hostas is keeping them in a place safe from rodents and also not shaded out by larger plants. I had 3 Fire and Ice Hostas around my biggest Empress Wu and I allowed the bigger plant to completely shade out the smaller ones. Shame on me.

    I doubt I will ever edit on a phone. I love my phone but I can't stand to do much work on it involving the keyboard or "gestures".

    No, Dahlias don't need to be staked BUT they look so much better if they are growing up right instead of sprawling on the ground. Our choice on what is best?

    Bottle brush buckeyes are on a human level - you can actually see the leaves and blooms at eye level instead of staring up at a tree's blooms.

    Another part of gardening - broken and bent stems of treasured plants that we will have to accept and wait another year for them to bloom again. We cleaned up the side yard yesterday and piled a lot of "dirt" and leaf litter on a big tarp and then drag it past the fence (too heavy to carry to the back of the lot so I used a wheelbarrow to break it up into two loads). Anyway, Rufus was with us and while walking the tarp back to the flagstone, he broke 3 stems of my winecup plant (Callirhoe involucrata) and it is close to blooming. I haven't seen any winecups in 2 or 3 years so I thought it was a one and done type plant. I guess there were some seed from the mother plant left behind.Okay, I'm not sure what I am seeing here with your 2 pics of your backdoor neighbors. I get it that the decos are theirs but the rocks? Why isn't the fence placed on the other side of the rocks? The rocks don't bother me but I would hate to walk on them. It looks like a bloodroot coming up by the log - is that yours or theirs? The yard art could be placed in different places to minimize the distraction instead of lined up in a row. I read an article a few years ago and they called it hi-tacky yard art. Pink flamingos, gnomes, and of course the lawn jockey. We have had a few metal and resin pieces over the years but most are long gone as the metal rusts and the resin fades and eventually gets broken.

    My biggest Emperor Wu two days ago.

    Japanese painted ferns starting their 3rd year (I dug tiny little baby plants out of my mother's yard two years ago)
    As I recall this is Curly Fries?

    First Peony flower this year. I dug up 3 yesterday that were being shaded out by arborvitae and the double file viburnums. My wife potted those 3 up - two looked good but one was really wilting - guess I cut too much of its root stock but I am sure it will be back now that we can move the pots around through the summer. They will go into the ground this fall.

    I thought I lost all my hardy gingers two years ago but I did find two volunteers - this is one of them next to our fence.

    I think purple Perilla is a bit of a weed but I like it to volunteer here and there and I will cut them down if they are in the wrong spot.
    the two hostas in a grab bag from Walmart 3 years ago and the sea hollies as well. The sea hollies are from seeds from the original plants (long gone - guess they are short lived or biennials?) The hydrangea that got bitten by the frosts is coming back strong and has buds on them (this is Penny Mac)

    One of my Flying Dragon Orange trees I got off eBay last year. I got 16 plants but looks like one didn't make it. Still too many that I don't really need but I didn't want to throw them out either. Watch out for the thorns!

    Confederate Rose Hardy Hibiscus is going to really make a splash this year. I dug up the roots from its original planting spot that got shaded out by my neighbor's weed trees (pine, sweet gum, and others). The roots are very thick and I was surprised by that fact. I had four roots and they all made it and grow 7 feet or so every year and bloom a dark pink single blooms.
    One of several chicory plants from seed is about five feet tall and close to blooming. I started a couple 3 years ago and am happy with the amount I've gotten since then. The reddish tips behind this are Crepe Myrtle 'Black Diamond', 'Best Red' and 'Crimson Red'. I am not impressed with the blooms (not that full or vigorous) but the leaves are what are the main selling point (almost black). I hedged the tops last year in hopes of getting more branching and more blooms.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    12 days ago
    last modified: 11 days ago

    I've never had a bad case of poison ivy..just 2 or 3 blisters..usually on my hands..that's it..I keep an eye out for it and remove it immediately because Don gets it bad..

    I've seen nice pics of mini's in pots on the Hosta forum..they're probably using pots for the reasons you mentioned..they could move them for better light and keep them safe from rodents..

    I'm regretting not grabbing some dahlias when I saw them at Home Depot for 50% off..I worried that I don't have enough sun..

    shrubs are great..the privacy..the flowers..the shrubs we planted transformed this place..

    these pics were taken the day after the rocks were entire side yard of rock!..the neighbor on that side was very too..we both hate it..

    the rocks run the entire length where their property is adjacent to mine..see the lattice?'s ugly..

    they're the neighbors from h#%&..they have junky garden decorations..ugly rocks..they attached fake ivy and lattice panels on part of the fence..put 2 drain lines under the fence to empty really close to the property line..we called the city..the city did nothing about it..we already had standing water and now it's slightly worse..see a hosta near the line?'s almost dead now..I saw her spray weed killer 2 times..I'll be moving my blood roots..we laid the logs on the boundary to keep their rocks on their side..and to hide them..

    your Empress Wu, Japanese painted ferns and Curly Fries (I agree) look nice..

    my ginger groundcover has round green leaves..spreads well for me..there's some on my back bath above my dying's all over the lot here and there..

    your macrophylla hydrangea is way ahead of mine..I left all of my frost damaged leaves..

    is the land beyond the black fence (photo with red shrubs) yours too? you have privacy fencing somewhere in back?..seems like I've seen that..

    not sure about all of them but some of your shrubs aren't hardy here..

    I worked non stop today and didn't take any pics..but here's a Jack-in-the-Pulpit from yesterday..

    it's growing facing a boxwood so I didn't get the best angle..I have quite a few of these..

    my goal for this summer..fill any open spaces to block my neighbor's ugly looks so unnatural in our wooded neighborhood..I want to block it..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    11 days ago

    My wife and youngest daughter get bad cases of poison ivy rash - often needing medical exams to get prescriptions (usually steroids). I think they just have to be close to it and it jumps the air gap to affect them. I rarely get a case of it and if I did, it is over fairly quickly. In fact my wife has some on her arms right now from yesterday or so she says.

    Mini hostas always look so nice when you buy them but put them in the garden and they soon disappear.
    Only one way to test that theory on Dahlias - buy one or three or more and try them. You might have good luck.

    Wow that is a lot of rock (gravel) and beyond the fence. I am guessing the fence is inside their property lines and they laid rock right up to the property line? That is weird.

    I wonder why they put rocks down like that - to keep weeds at bay?

    It looks like quite a bit of rocks that you would've put down the way it was done. It seems like they would've run the fence on the property line. I know I did - I told the fencing company I wanted it on the line so I could use the entire property if needed.

    What lattice? Oh, that does it. Fake ivy and flowers are a no-no. It looks good for a while but when it never changes even during winter, then that is fake as some politician's tan and hair. And I don't see any hosta in your 3 photos of your neighbor's yard and fence.

    Your hardy ginger (Asarum) looks like the native varieties which I like to see in the woods.

    The oakleaf hydrangeas and macs are putting out their blooms now. They usually start blooming in early May and go to June.

    Anything beyond the steel fence is our neighbor's. Most have a weedy grass backyard if that. The back door neighbors put up privacy fence so we didn't put any fence up back there. I thought about black chain link but it seemed wrong to but right up to the privacy fence. If they ever take them down then I may put up some open see through fencing. I think our fence is Xtreme fencing as I recall - more expensive but it looks so much better than standard fencing as it is welded but can be bent to follow the contours of the land which is weird to think that steel can be flexible.

    Your Jack in the pulpit looks very good. I haven't seen my first batch I put down years ago come up strong this year. In the park, they are blooming everywhere.

    I won't complain about my neighbor's weed trees after seeing what your neighbor did with the gravel.

    Rufus having the time of his short life running along the water's edge trying to capture water in his mouth. He did that yesterday when we were at a remote spot in the park. Seemed like a long way to go for a dog to have some fun so we did a short trip today.

    Red buckeye at the visitor center

    Yesterday in the back of the park (2.5 miles one way) were a lot of big leaf magnolias. Great conversation piece but they are not heavy bloomers that I've seen in some yards. My big finger in the bottom - one reason against phone cameras.
    Where Rufus ran the water yesterday - pretty rock but he didn't seem to notice.
    a 3 foot snake slipped into the water at this point but I didn't have my phone up and ready for that event.
    The big pond that I really want to explore but the right side is too steep and muddy while the left side has a lot of small growing trees with weedy grass. I want to follow the stream feeding this all the way back to its source but the hillsides get pretty steep as we go back to the parking lot.
    Rexes at HD two days ago.
    maculata and fiddle leaf fig too but $3 more than Walmart

    I picked up a new rex and florist azalea at Walmart this morning (no pictures yet). Maybe tomorrow I will go to Lowe's and our local chain nursery store to see what they've got.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    11 days ago
    last modified: 11 days ago

    like your wife and daughter Don's needed medical attention for poison ivy..his ankles looked thick because of the raised blisters..ugh..

    I'll get pics of my mini's after they grow more..there's a couple in this pic by the stones..Venusta (tiny green leaves)..Blue Mouse Ears (round blue leaves)..

    undecided about dahlias..

    the rock looks awful..I wish I had your neighbors!..they did put the fence a few feet from the line..then rocks to the line..most people here put fencing closer to the line (like 3? 6? inches)..the covenant says you can't put it on the line..why?..I don't know..there was a crew of 6 to dump the rock..those pics were taken before we added logs..

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    11 days ago
    last modified: 11 days ago

    the logs hide their rocks and ugly plastic wavy edging..and help contain the rocks..a fall pic so leaves are helping disguise the rocks..which is why the hosta near the log is going down..

    Rufus has a great life!..I hope he grows up to be the perfect dog..he will..dogs (and plants) respond to good care right?..

    the red buckeye is so cute!..

    I went to Walmart too..needed to return a shirt Don bought that didn't fit..he should've tried it on!..I bought 2 crotons (2.94 ea) and one bag of cannas..3 bulbs $5..I like the dark foliage..I love the tropical vibe in summer pots..they had a rex in a tiny pot (like the crotons) but it had too many broken stems..if I didn't have another bigger better Walmart close by I might've taken it..

    my Newport viburnum is blooming..the tag said the mature size was 3 by 3 and it's pretty accurate..I think I have a branch that rooted in pic #3..see it?..I should cut it and move it right?..there's room on the other side of it for another plant..we moved a tall Summer Snowflake viburnum from that spot to the back..
    Japanese Painted ferns..they'll be prettier once I've cleaned around them and mulched with compost..sigh..we never catch up do we? Lol..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    10 days ago
    last modified: 10 days ago

    One time my wife's leg had blackened from poison ivy. I said it didn't look bad because the photos I saw on line were horrible. Well a doctor at the practice she worked at saw it and said "OMG! You need to see an infectious disease Dr. pronto." The nurse there said it was bad but she had seen worse. Yes, the skin was starting to die (necrosis). If she would or could resist scratching, it wouldn't get to that point. I say that in my own self-smugness though.

    Oh yeah, those minis are adorable but I don't think they worked for me. Maybe with lots of stone around them they might work. The hosta place close to us had them in hypertufa troughs and they looked great. I had 3 or 4 different varieties of the mouse ears, Pandora's Box, and one other tiny one. The Tiaras are one that grow very well here (for me). This elderly couple had 35 acres and grew 8,000 plugs a year (I don't know if they still do that as their prices were a little high). He had electric fencing around the hosta containers to keep deer out. I asked him how a 12 inch high wire keeps deer out since we both walked over it and deer can leap like 8 feet. He said they never notice the wire and once shocked they never attempt to come back to that area. Hmm?

    The way I understand a fence here is if you put it on the line then it is shared with your neighbor(s) so they can grow things on it or add a fence on to yours to enclose their yard. If you put it inside the line then it is all yours but then the neighbor(s) may plant up next to it thinking this is the property line. Anyway, you always have to get along with your neighbors until they are a bunch of gangsters, etc.

    That picture of your hostas and the logs in the background makes the fence look perfectly normal. What I want to know is what do they do when the leaves fall on all those rocks? If the rocks were brown, it would blend into the background but white really stands out.

    Dogs don't know better - they are adapting to living in homes, yards, and rules. The electronic collar is helping a lot. He knows a tone is a cue to calm down or come. If he can't hear it due to being overly excited, then a vibration usually gets his attention. I told my wife the setting VT is Vibration/Tone so there will be no shocks BUT if that doesn't get his attention then she needs to dial in 3 or 4 to get his attention with a shock. I have to train her as well as the dog.
    That red buckeye is the biggest one I've seen at the park so it may be a hybrid between two species or it gets extra care (and sun) next to the visitor's center. I saw a beautiful scarlet one (about 10 feet) a few years ago in TN at a diner near Rock Island State Park. (The food was too salty for me to enjoy though).

    Good for you on getting some plants at your Walmart shopping trip. Sometimes it is hard to beat their prices. I had a great Croton a few years ago and kept it for maybe 5 years. It had really long skinny leaves and was called 'Fireworks'. In July it looked like this. Crotons in the tropics are large shrubs or small trees in the ground. Often hedges.

    But by September it was truly Fireworks.

    My favorite Canna is Cleopatra as the leaves and flowers are dual toned (red and yellow flowers and green and maroon leaves) I had bags of them in the past with different color blooms and they are generally hardy here except when I moved my Cleopatra and lost it that winter. GRRR!

    Here are a few at HD two years ago. I should've bought one or two then.

    And some shots of mine (I had split it in two and had it planted at the ends of a raised bed).

    The other one is Canna 'Tropicana' with orange striped leaves and orange blooms. I bought one over 20 years ago and gave a piece to my mother. She planted it around her compost bins. It has multiplied ten fold if not more. I lost mine when we moved here but I continue to get a piece from hers from time to time.

    Here is a photo of hers in 2017

    and what the leaf looks like.

    Isn't it amazing how you can go to one store and not find a thing and travel a few miles and find oodles of new and interesting plants at Walmart. When I was going to Orlando every year, I made it a point to visit the big 3 box stores to see what differences Florida and Georgia had in their stores. Usually they are too big to buy as I needed the entire bed of my truck for boxes of begonias and the backseat and passenger seat would be for my personal haul, luggage, and cameras.

    Does your Newport viburnum have any fragrance? The leaves look nice and healthy but the blooms are not large or a lot - is that due to shade or being young?I had to look up Summer Snowflake and see it is another double file cultivar. I hope it doesn't do like mine did - die and then have a dozen suckers to form a small forest. I like that but also need to thin out the herd some.

    I really find the Japanese painted ferns exquisite. I have two in the ground but the ones I put in pots have exceeded all expectations.

    This is the results from digging tiny sprouts in the weedy lawn last year from my mother's yard. I had to pry the dad gum violets and other weeds out of each little plug but the moss remained (I like moss) and I even got a hosta seedling that ended up in the lawn. May 11, 2020

    August 29

    The year before I started this project by digging plugs and put in a much bigger pot (18") but the dad gum rodents got in to this pot and scratched out a quarter piece of a pizza pie.

    What they looked like late April, 2019 in middle TN.

    August 3, 2019. I had to toss in some items (watering valve and manifold and pine limb) to keep the rodents from digging.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    10 days ago

    Well I didn't move any plants outside yet but today it begins. The Caladiums and Sansevierias and some larger pots will go out today. Yay! This should help some that are neglected for six months.

    I was wanting to go to the park back to where Rufus was running in water across all those rocks but my wife has to go pick up her prescription which is 45 minutes away so plants first then maybe a five mile hike.

    The painted fern this month and the little hosta seedling are awake and doing well. Starting second year.

    The other fern pot (starting its 3rd year)
    Saw these strange growths in this one tree yesterday - quite a few but this was the largest and closest to the ground. I don't think it is mistletoe but a strange growth by the tree (witch's broom maybe?)

    Further on I saw these weird growths in a small tree but I am sure they are galls.

    Blue eyed grass (not really a grass but related to Iris)

    The pedestrian bridge was put up after the great flood of 2009 (I didn't know they had a previous one but then we didn't start back at this park until 2018) and allows hikers and runners access to trails on both sides. This is about 0.7 miles from the parking lot so round trip is almost 1.5 miles.

    GRRR! GW insists on moving the cursor to below the picture but I want comments above so I found out I have to click not once but twice above the picture to move the cursor.

    This is the dead red cedar which always piques first time visitors.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    10 days ago
    last modified: 10 days ago

    that's scary when a Dr says "OMG"..good thing that she went to a Dr..I'm grateful to be resistant to poison ivy..

    for years I was busy planting shrubs and trees and wasn't as dedicated to hostas as some people..I love what I have but don't have hundreds of varieties like some do..Golden Tiara is an excellent grower for me..I'll take some pics..

    they used a blower on the rocks but of course they couldn't really get them clean..

    get they dumped more rock inside the fence!!..about 3 ft? wide it starts in the back corner going along the side fence underneath the "garden decor" each piece stands out more!..sigh..they dumped it instead of hired help..the rocks are slightly different..not quite as white..still ugly..

    just curious..does Rufus listen to both of you equally or does he try to get one over on your wife?..

    I love your skinny leaved crotons..yours and my new ones have great colors..

    I went to another Walmart Lol..I bought some coleus and asparagus ferns..they had a few gray begonias in white pots but I didn't buy one..I'm waiting to see how I do with my new one..I'm not that confident with them!..

    there's 4 coleus per pack..I bought 4 packs..and 2 asparagus ferns..I haven't seen canna plants here and your mother grow more exotic varieties than what I see here..

    Newport isn't shade probably keeps my blooms of my Summer Snowflakes has 6 volunteers..I'm also growing a forest like yours Ha!..

    can you see the babies?..

    this one is blooming but it was hard to see so I zoomed in..
    I'm not sure ferns could overwinter in pots here?..

    posting's 1 o'clock..finish up tomorrow..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    9 days ago
    last modified: 9 days ago

    OMG! Is GW slow today!

    The experts say that you might be resistant to poison ivy today but you could be very sensitive to it later on.

    Hostas are a nice addition to the landscape but some folks dedicate their yard to them. I understand that since I do mostly begonias for houseplants. We all have our favorites and passions.

    That is what I thought too - a blower might rid the top of the rocks of leaves and debris but the small stuff is going to get embedded in the rocks. Maybe that is a good thing? To change the color of the white rocks over time that is.

    I like rocks but they should look natural in the landscape. I used to buy different gravel and marbles for top dressing on houseplants to keep rodents from digging in freshly potted plants. I stopped buying gravel and marbles a few years ago and recycle them along with broken shards.

    Rufus does listen to both but may be a bit confused if the wife is carrying the remote instead of me. He comes to me if we are both in the vicinity and she hits the tone button.

    GAWD! GW is killing me on the lag time for typing. I type ahead and then have to go back and correct typos when the finally appear on every paragraph.

    I am going to quit here and finish later after a hike. I want to address coleus for sure. Hopefully things will be fixed when I get back to this.

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    9 days ago

    Well we put in a long hike today. My phone showed 4 miles while my wife's (iPhone) says 4.5 miles. I don't get the discrepancy. Anyway I am downloading the photos as I type here. That is a slow process too because I didn't; get the right card reader so have to tether the camera to the PC to download for now.

    Anyway I love coleus too for their bright colors. I tried saving them in the past but it was too much trouble and took up a lot of space. Last year I bought a nine pack at Walmart with three different plants (3 each). I put them in a very big bowl and it filled it in no time.

    The nine pack July 6

    July 22 in the bowl (guess it wasn't as big as the bowl for purple perilla.

    July 10
    Sep 2
    Sep 19 - last photo I took of it.

    So many more through the years but we will let that go for now.

    What's up with the upright logs in one of your photos?

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    9 days ago
    last modified: 9 days ago

    this will be short..I took pics of their latest ugliness..I see the new and old rock from my kitchen and family room windows..sob sob..the tall upright logs hide the electrical box..we need one more and they need to be better lined up..

    I would've bought a coleus 6 pack like yours if they had one..deciding if I want to go to Walmart #4 now before I go out???'s just 10 minutes away..I went awhile ago..nothing tempting then but now I'm sure they have more..

    another doublefile in bloom..not as showy as yours but I love it..

    the rocks are uglier and more obvious with my own eyes than in these pics.. 🙁

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    9 days ago

    It sounds like you need your own fence or hedge to block the gravel from your view.

    It looks like you are getting a jungle in the yard there! I bet the gravel disappears in summer? Kind of like our back line (part of it is our leaf compost pile and the neighbors' privacy fence. They are missing a plank here and there or have at least one that is half broken. I try to keep our logs off their fence by at least a couple of feet.

    Azalea at Walmart (getting ready for Mother's Day I would guess).

    and a neat rex

    Then today I went to get some more potting mix and got a red Alstroemeria that were still available. (no pictures of it - yet).

    My pink mountain laurel is almost ready

    The red one is in full sun but still not opened. It is crowded on most every side to get to it so I just took this photo over the top of Bombshell and P.G. hydrangeas.

    Petasites has run quite a bit and Rufus is checking something out.
    I told you he broke 3 stems of my winecup a couple of days ago. I stuck those in the tub of water lilies and here is one in bloom yesterday. I may try to put them in some potting soil to see if they have just enough root to survive.
    I thought my spirea wasn't going to bloom this year since everywhere else, they have bloomed weeks ago.

    Asian Jasmine apparently blooms if allowed to climb a tree. It has a light fragrance.

    H. Snow Queen is close to blooming.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    9 days ago
    last modified: 9 days ago

    2 thoughts that didn't make it in my earlier comments..

    I also had some GW glitches..

    I haven't seen those 2 abnormalities in my knowledge about either..

    I agree ( "your own fence or hedge etc.." ) ..we're going to use the logs that create the sides of my compost bin along the line..plant a few more shrubs in any gaps..then we'll have decent screening..we'll pile our debris, chip and compost in a new spot..

    I did go to Walmart and Lowe's.. I saw flowers everywhere!..the azalea and rex you posted are beautiful..I saw some rex..I did not buy them!..Ha!..isn't the waste sad?..Walmart had 2 carts stacked high with trays of ruined plants..I saw some ruined tuberous..

    I saw a few things but nothing I couldn't pass up until I work with what I have..

    I bought just one hosta at Lowe's..I don't have this one and it was cheap..have you noticed I'm cheap Lol..

    Rufus is cute..he looks very happy in all of your pics..

    yay!..a winecup flower..I hope your experiment works..

    I don't think my oakleaf, arborescens or macrophyllas have any flowerheads yet..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    9 days ago

    It is good to be cheap at times.

    The begonias in the first pic looks like someone forgot to water. If they do it in time, they will perk back up. They either forget to water or soak them to death at times. The white one with dark veins is Fedor and a favorite of begonia growers.

    Here is mine that I picked up last year (two in the pot). It is now outdoors for the summer. I moved two rooms out on Friday. Two more rooms to go but they are more packed than the first two. UGH!

    The new hosta looks nice - I like the different colors. Reminds me of Kiwi Full Monty or Night Before Christmas (I don't know which one I truly have as I bought it as Night Before but my sister got our dad one that looked just like it and it was called Kiwi). GRRR! Anyway I am sure the one I got was mislabeled (it could've been a customer who took a tag out and put it back in the wrong pot).

    Here it is back in 2019 on the right of Stained Glass.

    Rufus running the water and biting it as he goes along.

    How they run on rocks and gravel is a show of how tough animals are (well people too if they grow up without shoes).

    He got in a little deep in this spot but he went in to his waist in the same spot earlier - guess he learned to leap it. Unlike our previous dog (about twice the size) when he fell off a rock (much deeper) and I had to grab him by his harness to pull him back in as he was holding on to the rock with his front toe nails.

    What are these egg sacs in the water? Kind of strung together like a necklace.

    Zoomed and cropped for more detail.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    8 days ago
    last modified: 8 days ago

    it takes discipline to be cheap's easy to buy things (for us)..but takes more thought and time to be selective..Ha!

    that Walmart garden dept is so neglected..racks of plants wrapped with plastic waiting to be unwrapped..droopy plants..sad..

    does Rufus have some Lab in him?..he loves water like my niece's Labs did..(both gone now)..

    that "tube" of eggs (?) is bizarre!..I Googled but didn't find an explanation..I have no idea..

    we trimmed an Amur Maple in front today..the neighbor asked if we'd trim it..he felt it was shading his grass..when he asked Don told him we would..

    it looks better but could use some fine tuning..the canopy was out of reach..we'd pull a limb down (carefully) then didn't grow into a pretty tree..$10 at Lowe's years ago..the leaves are pretty but the branches look awkward to me..not nearly as pretty as a Japanese maple..we came in for food at 6..then it started raining so we were "off" for the day..I took a nap..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    6 days ago

    Well there is cheap and there is getting the best deal. Sometimes cheap means you are getting what you pay for and sometimes cheap is a great buy. This not only pertains to gardening but everything in life.

    I used to buy brand name clothes as I thought they were better made, better material. Now I buy most of my clothes at Sam's Club as there are brand names and their own brand. I am not working at an office and I don't need anyone that I need to impress in other words.

    The most I ever paid for a plant is $80 on sale and it died within a year. Glad I didn't pay full price. If I want it bad enough (like cameras) then I will buy it. The thing is I can wait for a better deal or even get a piece of a plant from a friend or a trade.

    The issue with big box stores is the employees are underpaid and they are usually here today, gone tomorrow. You also would have to train them in plant care. The growers are responsible for the plants though (from what I read) which means no skin off the stores' backs. So at the end of the plant's life at the store may be a few weeks - then they are tossed in the dumpster. The grower won't get paid for those plants (again from my understanding). If the store paid for each and every plant up front then the store would make sure that every plant was well cared for up to its sale. I picked up a free poinsettia a few years ago in Chattanooga because it was after Christmas and while the plants were marked down like 50%, the ones remaining were about to be tossed. The manager on that part of the nursery said take what I wanted because at the end of the day, they were compost. Same goes for a lot of products - the VCR went from over $1000 in its infancy where I was making barely enough money in the Navy to $50 at the end of its life - they couldn't give them away.

    I have no idea what Rufus' parentage is. His face says Pit Bull but what can I say.The closest I came on the egg sacs was a frog but I haven't seen frogs in these "tidal pools" before. Usually they are in ponds, bogs, small streams but again I am no expert on frogs and their breeding habitats. The only thing I can do is go back once a week to investigate what they turn into. I could miss it by a day though and I hate to make that trip each and every day as it is quite a tromp.

    How big is your Amur maple? I bought one at the old house (we've been here 17 years) for bonsai from a grower in CA plus a few other trees. Lost some but kept this one and the Japanese Elm (Zelkova serrata) which I put in the ground so now I must keep it trimmed back every few years. I finally put the Amur maple in the ground a few weeks ago. It has been in a glazed pot for over 20 years and the only reason it survived is the roots escaped into the ground. I would have to cut it back every few years but I stopped that maybe 4 years ago. Anyway you can clip it back hard (I say that since I have no skin in the game) to shape it going forward.

    My climbing rose Cecile Brunner smells so good but the blooms are so small.

    I moved 2.5 rooms out of the basement Friday through Sunday - nothing yesterday due to all the rain. Here is one of my loads I took out.

    Cracked Ice hanging out the end.
    3 flowers in a row - Oxalis which is a weed but came in a pot of begonias that I got from my mentors 16 years ago. A clematis that has a couple of blooms on the ground (I kept this section of temporary fencing for the clematis in place) and Green and Gold (Chrysogonum virginianum) native wild flower.

    My newest Alstroemeria before it went into the ground showing the massive roots. I hope it succeeds well in its new location.

    Some of the canes I've moved out thus far. So many more left to bring out. Rufus is in the background being his nosy self.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    6 days ago
    last modified: 6 days ago

    I'm a conservative person..but if I love it I'll pay more Lol!!!..I thought this house was too high..(it wasn't)..Don pulled the trigger..I'm glad he did..with what we've spent on it we could've bought a more expensive house with less work..occasionally he reminds me about this..

    my most expensive plant..$69.99..a red Japanese maple..tagged Bloodgood but darker than my others..I love true what you say about big box stores..

    Rufus does have a Pit Bull face..I have some relatives with Pit Bulls..they love cousin's daughter has 5 children and has one..she's had him for years..

    the egg sac was an interesting there an app (Picture this) that could ID it?..

    I stepped out in the rain just now to take this picture..the lower stems died off..not my decision to remove them..does yours have multiple trunks?..hard to see where the leaves end in the pic..I'd say 12? 14? feet..see the pitiful macrophylla stems lower right? was leafing out and looking good then snow..we're planning to work on the area from the Amur maple to the curb..

    a pic from last still can't see the Amur maple very well Lol..the rock on the right is's an inch or so from the line..

    wish I could smell your rose..

    our forecast said large hail..rain..wind..I put my annuals in the garage..didn't happen..this morning I put them's raining and I wanted them out..gardening is inconvenient isn't it???..Ha!

    the begonias (everything else too) look beautiful outside! it my imagination or is Rufus a bit bigger?..

    well yesterday my idiot neighbors dumped more rock continuing the rock "border" to the end of the side shrubs are getting bigger and the view is shrinking..but because the land slopes I still see it..we're pondering our blocking strategies..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    6 days ago
    last modified: 6 days ago

    A couple has to be flexible and agree to disagree at times. My wife is probably more conservative than me which is probably a good thing. I wasn't really happy with this house as it seemed cheaper than some of the others we looked at. The lay of the land was better, the size was in line with the others, but the furnishings were definitely cheaper - cheap appliances, cheap carpeting, linoleum, and an unfinished basement. To make it on our list we paid more to get some upgrades - ceramic tile, wood flooring, upgrade on all kitchen appliances, quartz countertops, semi-finished basement with heat and air plus a working bathroom with walk-in shower. I wished we had upgraded the master bath now. Oh well.I don't think I paid over $25 for any JM over the years. At least when one dies it isn't a big deal. Most were $15.

    I loaded Plant Snap or something like that on my phone. It is practically useless. I should uninstall it. So even if there is a biology picture ID app, I doubt I would download it.

    The closest I could find on the egg sac was frogs but they are large eggs if you ask me.

    Yes, mine has/had a few "trunks" but again it was constrained to a 2 gallon ceramic pot for 20 years or more. Now that it is in the ground it may do a lot more. You do know that the Amur maple is often used for hedges so it can take a heavy "shear". I often get it confused with the Trident maple (they are very similar in some respects). Mine blooms almost every year but I don't think I've seen seeds, definitely not seedlings.

    The climbing rose reminds me of the old fashioned soaps of our grandmothers - not real heavy but definitely fragrant. Seems like Elderberries are up next with their vanilla like scent. When I was moving things outside in the past I would often smell our two dogs' poop and then smell the elderberries. And repeat for the next trip of plants to go outside. The worst smell is the Voodoo lily if they bloom at all. It does indeed smell like a dead animal.

    Elderberry truss of fragrant blooms that make a thousand seeds or so it seems that make a thousand seedlings.

    Voodoo lily bloom - pretty fascinating but oh, so stinky.

    Oh yeah, rain and other weather conditions is part of gardening (and life). We must have rain. Our house is shaking right now due to the multiple thunder claps. I haven't seen any lightning flashes but the thunder is BOOMING.

    Rufus may have put on some more weight as his ribs no longer show but I don't think he has grown any.I would say Leyland Cypress to block the view but they are not good in heavy snow. Fast growers but often not worth it for hedging especially if one dies. UGH! One of the neighbors in our HOA put a line of them across their side/front yard (not sure if this is the front of the house as the garage seems to be on the side and I don't recall a "front door" so it must be on the other street (this is a corner lot). In between the Leylands, the planted what looks like variegated Euonymus of some sort but the Leylands were crowding out the other shrubs (they were planted the same time and about the same height a few years ago). The owner limbed up the lower limbs of the Leylands which makes them look a little naked now due to the newness and fresh cuts. Leylands grow very fast.

    OMG! We just saw a flash of lightning and I started counting - maybe 7 seconds and then the booming rolls of thunder. About 7 miles away and still enough to cause some reverberations in the house.

    Rufus is a handful being cooped up for two full days.

    The Amur maple blooming this year.

    This was in 2009 with a JM behind it in a 3 gallon pot that I moved the new JMs into for a whole year.

    This is the only fall picture I have of it back in 2011. Hopefully now that it is in the ground, it will take off and I can make more of them if I wanted to.

    More info on Amur vs. Trident for the insane?

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    6 days ago
    last modified: 6 days ago

    when I say "Don pulled the trigger" the price was over what I hoped we'd spend..but I was on board..I liked the neighborhood and the lot..
    most of my JMs were a lot less..smaller but pretty..some were $ coral bark was $12.99 I was tiny on clearance for $7..
    I try to put just what I need on my phone too..I don't install lots of apps..
    good info on the link..they mentioned things I've noticed..some dieback..funny branching..but I got my $10 out of few seedlings haven't made it..

    GW is weird shortcut takes me to the bird watching forum..which I don't follow!..I'm posting these pics from the Houzz site and can't's raining..I took just a few from the back door of the garage..
    the tree with the "V" branch is another Amur maple..pretty tall now..maybe 20 ft?..
    yesterday when it was dry the doublefiles were pretty..they're wet but I took pics anyway..

    we have rain but the severe weather is south of us..sounds like they're right after what you's cooling down here and I'll probably bring my annuals in again..sigh..

    still have leaves to clean and put down my compost..

    l love Fire Island hostas..

    there's 2 to the left of the dead skinny tree without bark and my biggest one right of the tree..

    left side of the pic..the blooms are blending into the neighbor's roof..

    after I posted I came a better connection and added captions..

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    6 days ago
    last modified: 6 days ago

    I went out further into the yard for pics..just have 4..

    you can see slight blooming in front of the doublefile on what I think is an American cranberrybush viburnum that was tagged Eastern Snowball..the blooms are a lacecap type..I need more shrubs..see the black lattice?..

    not a pic to keep..see the neighbor's orange ladder on the Tudor house?..

    a sport..was always just green..

    Annabelle is getting flowerheads..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    5 days ago

    Some folks spend all their money on cars and a house, not saving a dime for their old age. I know several people like that and now are working well past retirement age trying to catch up.That is what I tried to do on JMs - get one gallon sizes of what I liked. For the most part that worked out well. I can't see spending $1,000 on a JM to have it die after a year or two. That is instant gratification. There was a business in downtown Atlanta that paid $50,000 to move an old JM to their new headquarters. Crazy.

    My wife does 90% of her needs on her phone. I use it for calls, browsing, and very little typing. I don't even trust myself buying something on the phone. That's pretty bad? I did place an order with Amazon a couple of weeks ago from my phone but 99% of any orders are done on my laptop and all serious typing such as this reply (not really serious though).

    Yeah, I think I spent up to $10 each for some bonsai starter plants from CA 30 years ago or so. Most are long gone but the two that made it are doing good in the ground. One I lost was Styrax and I can't remember the other 2 or 3. Speaking of Styrax I saw this blooming in the woods today on our hike. We decided not to go back to the location with the strange egg sacs due to two days of massive rain has all the creeks flooding their banks. Maybe this weekend if it subsides some. Anyhow here is the strange shrub - reminds me of Mock Orange.

    Saw these petals on the ground first.

    I am just going to add one photo of a bloom up close.

    That is very weird if GW took you to Bird Watching. I set one of my favorites to GW Begonia Forum so I go right there to begin with.

    I like that view of your Fire Island hostas - ground level is a new look for a lot of plants but it is hard for me to get that low these days.

    I do not see black lattice. Is it on the house or in the woods or where? And I don't see the orange ladder either. That is the problem with pictures on line - they are usually reduced in size so a lot of details are lost if they are far away or small in the grand scheme of things.

    Wishing you luck on your hosta sport. I had a variegated one that was going to be tossed from a hosta breeder (he is the treasurer or secretary of the American Hosta Society) here in Georgia. He didn't think it would keep its variegation. He was right about that and the other one I got from him was a thick leaf green form but it disappeared a year or two ago entirely. Good thing they were free.I haven't looked at my remaining Annabelle for buds. I am sure they are there since Invincible Spirit II has some coming on. Most of the Macs are in bud as well. Time will tell later this month and early next month.

    Hardy gingers in the recess of a big old beech tree f

    The red buckeye at the visitor center this morning. Not a lot of cars there this morning - maybe 5 or 6 but there were 15 when we left a couple of hours later.

    The landing at the shoreline was flooded.

    This stand of trees didn't have a lot of room to stand above the raging waters.

    We were able to get her from the other side by walking along the edge and not try to get tangled up in the brush and tree limbs.

    It was at this point that I called it quits. The trail is completely submerged and to go on meant we had to go up and around. The green vegetation surrounded by water is the normal river bank.

    The same small creek that goes through the hills of the park goes close to our neighborhood. Here it is as we drove home. I pulled over and got this from the car. Mostly cattle farms near the creek.

    The other side of the same creek. Thank goodness it didn't hit the neighborhood closest to the creek this time but it has in the past.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    5 days ago
    last modified: 4 days ago

    I know people that were careless with's not a happy ending..

    I don't pay crazy prices for plants..I prefer 100 beautiful common plants instead of one extravagant one..

    we don't do any "business" on our your wife I use my phone a lot..

    that's a pretty white bloom..

    GW is's the most user unfriendly site I use..

    I couldn't see the view when I took the ground level shot of Fire Island..the petioles are pretty and I wanted a low shot..I was expecting to that I might need to retake it but I was happy with it..

    the lattice is attached to the neighbor's black fence..there's not much of the ladder showing and I know where to look..

    it'll be fun to monitor the sport and see what happens..going back to a solid wouldn't upset me much..

    that's a lot of water!..people that don't respect the power of water can get seriously hurt..or worse..

    we had a beautiful cool sunny needed to wear a jacket..I clipped debris and bagged up some river rock preparing to give it away..I texted a neighbor offering it to her..I haven't heard back..

    my annuals are still in my garage..our forecast is cool and rainy for a week..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    3 days ago

    I like to spread the risk. 100 common plants at a dollar each beats one plant at $100.

    My wife does most of her shopping/banking on her phone. The one thing she can't do is Quicken - she can look at it but cannot download from the bank or edit the checkbook with the phone app.

    I do not like to order anything from the phone app and I hate typing out any long messages on it. I don't like the tiny keyboard. My grand kids can type faster with two thumbs on their phones than I can on a full keyboard on a laptop (or so it looks like)>

    I think each website has their own little quirks. GW is better than some but worse in other areas.

    Oh in my younger days it would be okay to get on the ground to take some pictures. If I got down today I might have a hard time getting up. UGH! The new cameras with articulating screens makes ground level shots so much easier but it would be even easier if I could "crouch" and then use the swiveling screen. Phone cameras are hit or miss but they have come a very long way. Point and shoot and sometimes pray.I think you need to crop your photo to the lattice or ladder if you want us to see what you are talking about. I am at my mother's house now (mother's day and all that) and her new back door neighbor looks like a junk yard full of cars. UGH!

    Yes, that was a lot of water for the park. I would be interested to see it during a flash flood (on safe ground of course). Our last flood was in September 2009 and parts of the interstate were underwater. Six Flags Over Georgia was underwater except the roller coasters and other tall rides. I think we got 20" of rain in 24 hours in our location. We've had hurricanes come up through the state and stall in places like Macon and Albany. Macon was cut off in all directions as I recall. Albany had to build levees around an ammonia nitrate silo or plant as that would be disastrous. We can't beat mother nature.

    It is cool but we got down to high 40's in the last 2, 3 mornings. This should be the last cool spell until October. I expect to see 90's by the 3rd week this month. Heat and humidity.Hope your neighbor comes and gets your river rocks that you kindly bagged for her.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    3 days ago
    last modified: 3 days ago

    I haven't mastered 2 thumb phone typing..and I have slim fingers! keyboards are so small..I don't know how they do it..

    I still have paper registers for our checking and savings accounts..I keep both of them in a nice leather cover I bought years doesn't leave the's in a decorative box that looks like a book on a table by my chair..we check the accounts online..all of the bills are paperless..our utilities are deducted or charged to the credit card..we almost never write checks..we balance to the penny everyday..Lol..

    zoomed in..these people have been so thoughtless that their eyesores bother me more than if they belonged to someone else Ha!..

    a different section of lattice before the rock was in..their string is gone now..

    the ladder has been there for about 2 months..sigh..I feel bad for your Mom..a junk yard full of cars sounds awful..

    mother nature always true..I work on my weeds half heartedly since I could never get them all anyway..funny they don't bother me that much..

    got a message from my neighbor..I didn't know she's in New York..she wants the rocks and will get back to me when she's home..

    the day started out ok..sunny..high was 64..I put the annuals out..mowed the grass..started pulling weeds..then the rain came..went in..had lunch late..watched the weather..mid 30's from 3AM to 10AM sigh..I took a nap!..then the sun came out..back out for more weeding..cooler but ok with a jacket..worked until dark..carried the annuals in..

    we both need a roof that opens and Lucas Oil Stadium Lol..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    2 days ago

    It's bad enough typing on a full keyboard and missing letters or getting ahead of myself but on a tiny keyboard it's easy to miss typos because I can't see them and then there is the auto correct feature that can be both bad and good.

    We have a checkbook but I bet we write less than 3 checks a year. I don't think my wife does any balancing in the checkbook as it is all online in Quicken. She keeps up with all our accounts, grand-kids' college funds, bill pay, etc. I would be lost if I had to take over.Oh I see now about your neighbors black lattice on the fence. That is a bit tacky but at least the color is less tacky than say neon orange. I wonder if this was for privacy or what?

    The orange ladder is so far away that it wouldn't bother me for what I see in your photo. I wonder what the purpose of leaving a ladder up is for? A project that got stopped for one reason or another?

    I will have to take a picture of my mother's new back (door is hardly correct) neighbor's junk yard. She finally saw it today and agreed it is a junk yard. We just came in after spending a few hours outside burning her brush pile (my wife did that) and I hedged two over grown bushes for her. Rufus is worn out from all the running - he seems to be snoring right now.

    Wow - you started at 64? It was 43 this morning in middle TN and supposed to reach a high of 63. Kind of overcast but at least no strong winds like yesterday when we got here. We definitely could not burn yesterday due to the winds.

    Yikes! Mid - 30's? That is downright cold.

    Oh yeah, we all need a roof over our lots so we can open and close it to the environment as we please. Cold and wet - closed, warm and breezy - opened, let some rain in and then close it when it threatens to flood, etc.


  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    last modified: yesterday

    we write a check for the annual HOA fee..that's check per year we might not do that..we wrote the HOA check a few days ago (due June 1) and dropped it in the box on the front porch at the treasurer's house..then we got a neighborhood email about the new ways you can pay..

    yes the neighbors hate it that I'm outside so much..they told someone I'm "always hovering"..I'm working not "hovering"..what hypocrites they are..think about it..they're saying they want to be out alone while I should be in???..I will continue to go wherever I like on my own property..

    it's just aggravating when pics of your garden include eyesores (ladders, trellis, trashcans etc) because of sloppy neighbors..I hope your mother's view changes for the better..

    the high was 64 the other day but cooler yesterday..I was weeding and went in to get a warmer jacket..raining steadily's 1:23 and 46 degrees..I didn't feel like moving the annuals out and back in so they're still in the garage..the weather is cooler than average..all of the plants in the stores could be damaged a little..

    I looked up the square footage for half an acre..21,780..of course the house and driveway take some of it but no wonder I'm tired..Lol..

  • hc mcdole
    Original Author
    18 hours ago

    Yep, that sounds about right on writing a check to the HOA. I would have to look back through our checkbook to see what else we wrote a check for. One thing was for the tree service since they were going to tack on 3% if we used a CC. That would've amounted to over an extra $100 so we wrote a check. My hair - cutter is check or cash so I always pay by cash. Some gas stations tack on an extra nickel per gallon if using a CC so we avoid those stations.

    Hovering? Is that like a helicopter parent? HAHA! I am an admirer of what looks nice, also thinking about what needs doing or what can be put off for another year but hovering? Nope. I agree with you on working/admiring your own yard - nothing wrong with that. They should try it sometime. Most in our neighborhood hire someone to mow their lawn and that is about it.

    Well, you always take pictures trying for different angles to avoid the ugly stuff. What we consider beauty may be obnoxious to others and vice versa. Another person's trash is another person's treasure.

    I forgot to take a picture of my mother's new neighbor. She thought it looked good because they had mowed and started picking up the limbs off a cedar that got shredded last year when a twister came through. Then when she saw what I was talking about, she said "you are right, it looks like a junk yard". I can't wait to hear what my sister says about it. Seems like the neighborhood should be able to force a lot of the junk cars removed off the property.

    It was about the same temps this weekend in middle TN as you described. Coming home yesterday, I saw the temp was 82. I guess getting over the mountains let the warmth in? Just kidding.

    Yep, the SF in an acre is 43,560 so half of that is exactly what you stated. The weird thing is square miles and acres. Why did the folks who laid all this out make it 640 acres in a square mile? Why not 625 so that a square mile would be 25 acres by 25 acres? Anyhoo being the engineer (nerd) that I am, you can quickly solve the SF in an acre.

    1 SM = 5,280 feet by 5,280 feet = 27,878,400 SF in a SM. Divide that by 640 acres and get 43,560 SF per acre. Then converting gallons to CF or CI to a liter, etc. Deg C to Deg F and back but now you can easily find all that with a simple search. KW to BTU or HP. Fun facts? Or too much brain strain.

    Some pix this weekend.

    One of two rhodies in my mother's yard. We bought them four years ago and there is only two left.

    Gee whiz, GW sure has a problem with moving the cursor so I guess I have to type first and then add a photo. This is the Exbury azalea which has looked better in the past.

    I took 3 cuttings of it yesterday plus 4 red honeysuckle, 4 flowering almond, and only 1 shoot of this spirea. It had a few yellow shoots lower down but this one looked to be the healthiest and biggest so I took it.

    The coral bark maple I got them years ago has quite a wide spread between two big pecan trees (I hate the pecan trees but they grew those from an unshelled pecan they put in the ground)

    This other JM had some kind of bark damage but I don't know if it was rodents (squirrels) or insect, or even woodpecker looking for insects.

    Weird markings like a worm going back and forth (surely not termites?)

    Anyway I dug up a variegated giant reed (Arundo donax 'Variegata') once again (I lost mine back in 2015) and have tried getting it going again here. I bought one probably 25 years ago from WFF and gave my parents a piece of mine after a few years when it clumped fairly well. Late May 2002 at our last house.

    This is what I dug up last year when I was in TN. It failed so I am trying it once again.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis
    7 hours ago
    last modified: 7 hours ago

    today was a little warmer..I was weeding again..I'm trying to dig out the dandelions..some are growing next to trees..they're too close to mow and I don't like Don using a weed whacker near the trees..
    I took the annuals out for the afternoon then brought them in for tonight..I'm so glad to have them in trays..and happy that I don't have many..this routine is getting old..
    maybe I should call myself a helicopter gardener!..that's funny!..I will not change my habits just to avoid my rude neighbors..I'm so interested in what I'm doing when I'm outside they don't bother me..if they think I'm outside because I'm interested in them they couldn't be more wrong..
    so how many cars are parked at your mother's neighbor's?..that does sound illegal..
    you are a numbers guy!..there was a Facebook where someone posted pictures of their 6,000 sq ft garden..I thought..mine's bigger..wonder how many sq ft I I looked it up..the number did sound big to me..
    my coral bark maple is pitiful compared to your mother's!..does she get great fall color?..I posted these pics again since I didn't take pics today..

    I have bark damage on some of my JMs horrifies me..I've seen squirrels chewing on mine..I scare them off when I see them but it's impossible to always stop them..

    I think grasses are attractive..I've tried very few..they failed..too shady probably..I like Northern Sea this setting they don't look weedy since the place is wild Ha!..

    I can't wait until it's warm..

    this is sort of funny..