just a warning...INTOLERABLE USPS delays at Baltimore central PO

davidrt28 (zone 7)
6 months ago

Saying in need to branch this off into a political discussion.

But be warned if you are having any plants shipped to you and you are in the territory that processes through Baltimore...which I think is almost all of MD other than the eastern shore...that there are incredible delays at that facility right now. A priority mail package of a camellia I bought on Etsy from a seller in Louisiana took a month to get to me. It was scheduled for 3 days. Luckily it was a large, well rooted, grafted plant and other than being a bit pale, SEEMS like it will make it. A package from Logee's in CT is now entering week 3 of delays. This is absolutely infuriating but there's nothing to do about it other than warn other people.

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  • Esther-B, Zone 7a
    6 months ago

    I have also had some bad problems with Baltimore's postal system. They killed a shipment of live crickets (for my pet lizards) by not recognizing that "Live Crickets" on a sticker meant "Live ANIMALS", and so shipped it back to the central Baltimore post office. By that time, the crickets had died and I hope they stunk to high heaven. Recently, the postal carrier left a package from Target outside (despite large signs directing packages to be left inside) and some thief ripped it open and stole the contents. Fortunately, it was only tiny packs of mixed nuts and some Ziploc bags, but still...

    And when I approached the P.O.manager at that benighted post office, she got very attitudinal. She had actually DELETED my online complaint to hide the incompetence of her postal carrier and thus far has not responded to the identity of this idiot.

    So you have my sympathies, if you're dealing with Baltimore's post offices.

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  • davidrt28 (zone 7)
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    4 months ago
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    I just gotta bump this to follow-up and say, Logee's handled the situation admirably. They sent replacements, although due to a clerical error, only part of the order got re-sent via UPS. The rest that were send a 2nd time via USPS, only took 8 days, but the plants were OK. Their plants are small but they are well grown and Logee's carries a fair # of what I'd called 'cutting edge' hardy plants, like the 'Nocturne' blueberry I ordered from them. Can't wait to taste that one.

    FWIW the original Logee's box took over 35 days! As they requested I refused it so that it would be sent back...obviously the plants were probably all dead, maybe with the exception of a bulbous tropical one.