Hummingbird Spring Migration 2021

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Sorry, I'm way late on posting this. Thanks to Arlene Levin for the reminder. They've been sighted in New England!


For years I've been posting screenshots of the migration map that's posted on but that map has now been discontinued. The producer of the map has given the following explanation:

"Google has stopped offering free, anonymous use of its map API, which partially automated the location of sightings by zip/postal code using a utility a smart fellow wrote for me (and which I do not understand). I am not interested in fundraising, learning API programming, or opening a Google developer account. As a result, producing this map is no longer practical, and I'm not looking for alternatives. Thanks to all of you for your participation and support over 23 migration seasons, and my apologies for any inconvenience.

If you want to know when migrants will reach your location, the historical maps are still available for reference. I encourage you to follow the migration and report your sightings at the Journey North website."

This was a wonderful endeavor and I'm so sorry it can't continue for reasons outside of her control.

I'll be posting screenshots of the Journey North Ruby-throated Hummingbird Migration Map.


Screenshot April 6, 2021

The two New England sightings are in Danielson, CT and Hyannis, MA.

Sorry for the very late post.


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