Awkward window placement in bathroom

Nicole Williams
6 days ago
last modified: 6 days ago

I'm planning to remodel a bathroom in my home that is used by two kids. The problem is that there is a large window centered in the bathroom which prevents me from putting a double vanity in the bathroom. As is, I can include two small vanities (24 inches or less) one of which will be right next to the bathtub. My thought is to remove the current window above the toliet and add a new small oval or circular window next to the bathtub. I would also relocate the toliet next to bathtub and under the new window. It should also be noted that the window looks off centered from the exterior as well so I feel moving it slightly will make my home look more symmetrical.Wanted to get second opinions on whether this makes sense and is worth it. Additionally, whether a oval or circular window would look best.Thanks in advance

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