Help me decide between a 5 inch or 2.5 inch box spring?

Jane G
4 days ago

I have a 4 poster bed and it’s time to get a new mattress set. The bed sits high naturally. One of my main goals is to lower the height of my mattress so I don’t have quite as big of a hop/climb to get into bed.

Currently I have a 5 inch box spring and a 14 inch mattress. I’m looking at a 12 inch mattress and i have the option of a 5 inch or a 2.5 inch box spring (or maybe they call it a platform, but it’s what goes with the mattress).

My dilemma is that with the 2.5 inch box spring, my mattress would sit a couple of inches below my side rails. I’m thinking this would make it difficult to make the bed? Tucking in sheets and blankets in a tight spot below the rails with a heavy mattress?

Wondering if anyone has this set up and if they have any pearls of wisdom for me. Maybe it’s not a big deal. I’d sure like to lower it a couple more inches.

On the up side, I wouldn’t have to put a cover on my box spring because you wouldn’t see it.

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