Help me select a kitchen range

rj vost
12 days ago

We will be replacing our gas range when we update our kitchen. I am overwhelmed by the many choices out there. Our home is "craftsman" style, neither rustic or contemporary.

My husband and I are what I would call "simple cooks." At most we have 3 pots on the stove when I make spaghetti. My husband uses the "hot" burner for everything, even pans that are too small for it.

I do like the looks of the faux-professional ranges, primarily because they are visually stylish.

I do not like the looks of our current Samsung, as it appears it could crinkle if one leaned on it too hard. (In fact the first one was delivered crinkled). We will have a range hood over the range.

Here are my "wants":

- Gas cooktop, and I'm thinking electric for the oven. In a previous home we had electric wall ovens which I Iiked. I use the oven a medium amount.

- 30 or 36" slide in; I don't need 6 burners, but I would like to have plenty of room on the grates, hence my thoughts about getting 36"

- Real knobs in front - big, that won't fall off easily

- minimal to no electronics, and if there must be electronics, has to be easy to read.

- Looks stylish, but not a big hunking pro-range; also not a huge price tag

- Planning to spend ~$2800 - 4500, with upper end for something well worth it

- Has to be reliable and easy enough get serviced when needed

My trip to the appliance store last week was dizzying....The models I was shown included Kitchen Aid, Bosch, Beko, Cafe, Jenn-Air... and an Italian model i don't remember the name.

I also looked at Home depot online and see Zline, Thor, LG

Any ideas would be much appreciated..

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