Portable burner while our kitchen is down

7 days ago

I know many of you have set up temporary kitchens so I would live suggestions on a burner (probably would get two) that is affordable, effective and would work with enameled cast iron, cast iron and my stainless fry pan.

We will have a utility sink, our fridge and some kind of makeshift storage and counter.

I think this will be for an extended period of time ( I guess all remodels are) and I don’t want to fall too far into the take out trap.

We also have a counter top convection/toaster oven that I use often and can hold a 10 by 13 and roasts effectively. Also two instant pots and a huge crock pot.

My husband and I mostly, especially with Covid. If the Kids come over we can also grill out.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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