Advice needed on stair railing stain

Melissa E
last month

We had new stair hand railings, spindles, and newel posts installed. I love how it looks- it’s a huge improvement over the 1980s country design we had previously! I am doing all of the staining and painting ( don’t worry I’m highly skilled in this area so it will look good). BUT, I’m not sure what color stain to make the handrails and newel posts. I don’t like the current gunstock color, so I don’t want to repeat it. I’m not planning to refinish our floors/stairs before we move in 7 years. Any advice on a color of stain that would look good with my flooring?

The base molding will be painted white. I live in a house full of boys out in the country so I’m hesitant to paint hand railing white…

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