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Do you keep your canisters (flour, sugar, etc) on the counter, or stored away? I've always kept them out, but I'm having difficulty with my current set in that the color green of my Staub set doesn't match my new backsplash or counters (yellow-green against blue-green = not good). I bought a soft white set to try, and that looks better but is the only white thing on the counter and has a very dark splash behind it so screams look at me! which is what I don't want; the color looks good but overall high-contrast aesthetic isn't pleasing to me, it's too jarring.

My only other work-arounds are sticking the green canisters in a wooden high-sided tray to take the eye off the color mis-match -- this solution is a pretty-good looking one, actually, but visually very heavy against the dark green splash -- or just keeping the canisters in the cupboard out of sight. But this seems weird to me, like something is missing; counters should have canisters on them in my mind.

So what do you guys do -- canisters on display or hidden away? Maybe if I learn other people keep them behind closed doors it won't seem so odd to me :0p

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