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Smooth Ceiling Diliema

2 months ago

Hello all -
Recently had a qualified contractor remove a popcorn ceiling in a 2000 square single level home (performed well and safe as it had abesteos) but the transition to smooth ceilings turned bad. His crew mudded, sanded, applied primer, paint but the existing drywall lines from when the drywall was installed, in 1969, are still showing 😔. Also mudded/sanded blemishes showing too through the paint. Is this a lack of paint issue? He suggested a complete repaint -- reprime and repaint. I suggested a reprime and repaint but with orange peel style to hide blemishes that could show again. Which is better in your folks opinion? I went with his choice but worried I'm in a cycle of him and his crew coming back each week to repair and repaint I orginally wanted smooth ceilings but now I'm regretting it as I'm worried the 2nd reprime/repaint suggestion could continues to show the ceiling imperfections . Thoughts from those who worked on 60s drywall appreciated. It makes sense why the original builders put popcorn in (hide drywall imperfections) but the popcorn and it's beloved abesteos had to go.

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