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Is this Scion growth or rootstock?

last year

Hi, I was gifted 2 meyer lemon trees from 2 different growers. Im located in coastal South Carolina. i planted the 2 trees last summer. over the winter we had 1 night that temps dropped to like 20° and the leaves fell off the tree. The top part of the tree turned black and broke easily so I cut the dead parts off. But this spring I saw new growth and waited to see what would happen. These leaves are either right above graft line or on it. i truly believed the graft died so I cut the dead off and kept what was green underneath the first layer of skin. 2 different types of ”new growth” came off the trunk. i trimmed off the 3 leaf group ones but left these. Could these be lemon leaves? if not what are they and if so why are they curling like this? Soil drains well and the rootstock is very healthy. Thank you for answers and advice you can give.

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