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Anyone have experience with Beaulieu Canada engineered LVP?

5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

I'm building a house this year and am looking to install over 1600 sqft of LVP on the main and second floor of the house. I have a few samples right now from COREtec and Beaulieu Canada. I'm loving this color in Ramsay #2264:

I've checked out the stats for both of the floor samples here, and they are the exact same except Beaulieu has a top surface of UV-Cured Polyurethane & Ceramic Bead Technology, and CORETec has a top surface of UV Acrylic. Beaulieu has a lifetime warranty with a "no questions asked replacement" feature.

Thickness is the same, both have a bevel, I did a scratch test on them both and COREtec shows wear a bit more. We dragged furniture over them both repeatedly and the COREtec showed more of a shine where the wear layer was aggitated. They have the same measurements, A&R Carpet Barn where it is supplied mentioned they are so similar, but Beaulieu has a slightly easier locking mechanism for installation, and condo-grade sound deadening so its a bit quieter. Both have a cork underlayment, both have a solid SPC core VS WPC core. Like... the same.

However, I've heard lots of great things about COREtec, and haven't seen much about Beaulieu Canada. They've been around for 55+ years, but aren't as big because its a Canadian company. Anyone have experience using this flooring?

I feel like I should be able to trust in the recommendataion that the flooring company provided and said they are virtually an identical product, but I am such a review seeker, its a little unnerving purchasing a product I haven't seen reviews for.

Anyone installed this? Know of this product line? Thanks in advance

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