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Grafting Citrus and Rootstocks

3 months ago

I had a random thought/question so I went to Google and found out of my 5, 1 yr old Seville Bitter (Marmalade) Orange seedlings, 3 are Monoembrionic (the last 2 are a Polyembrionic Seedling and a Cross pollination
seedling) and 2 of the Monoembrionic seedlings can be used as Rootstock!!! I'm growing my Polyembrionic Seville seedling as it's an almost identical clone to the Seville fruit, plus Seville Seedling from cross pollination (I have them marked down as Poly #1 and Poly #2). I'm still wanting to replace my Flying Dragon (Poncirus Trifolata) Hardy Orange for seed grown Rootstock, but at least I can use 1 of 5 my seedlings to graft a branch from the top of my 3 yr old Monoembrionic Eureka Sapling as it will have the highest node count, and hopefully get fruit in a couple more years instead of waiting another 10 yrs lol I'm also thinking about grafting a branch from my 2 yr old Orange seedling to the 2nd Monoembrionic Seville seedlings and see how that goes, I'm super excited to try grafting this summer especially now that I have at least 2 seedlings for Rootstock!!!
Now my questions are, what are the advantages and disadvantages to using this for rootstock, I'm aware of CTV (Citrus Tristeza Virus, though I dont know if it's a problem in British Columbia, Canada where I live or not). Would it be a suitable Rootstock for Zone 5B? I also am aware that Eureka Lemons can be very fussy about the Rootstock used and are not compatible with a lot of different Rootstock Varieties including the Flying Dragon Citrus, I'm wondering if the Seville would be a compatible rootstock for my Eureka Lemon? I also know Flying Dragon Citrus are used as Rootstock at 2 - 3 yrs of age, should I be waiting another year or 2 as the Seville seedlings are only about 1 - 1 1/2 yrs old?
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated

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