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Cuttings from a sick tomato plant?

last month

Can I take cuttings from a diseased tomato to grow healthy plants? The new growth has something going on. There are healthy looking suckers lower on the plant that I could root but wasn't sure if the sickness is all throughout the plant. Or if it depends on what's causing this.

It's a over 3' tall and only the top is like this. It was healthy until last week when this happened seemingly overnight. Don't know if it's just stress and it will recover or if it's done. We had a weird spring weather-wise, plants probably don't know which way is up.

FWIW I don't have a dedicated vegetable garden - veggies are inter-planted throughout the flower bed. And since my flower bed is somewhat "wild" (definitely not a "cultivated landscape," things are allowed to grow wherever they feel like growing), the perennials come and go over the years, spread here and there, so the veggies are rarely planted in the same spot two years in a row - they're planted whereever the flowers and herbs leave a hole.

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