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Catching up today

I was so busy I didn't get to post yesterday. Last night the temperature was down in the upper 40's so most of the flowers looked awful today. Here are a few photos I took, mostly yesterday.

A Small Multitude is aptly named. I wish this form existed in colors other than yellow.

Here is Arrowhead Falls without the arrowheads.

Bill Norris is a favorite yellow.

I love the flower of Dr Jules Michael Vinkman but it does seem tender here, odd for a plant hybridized in Ohio.

Finally, a patterned daylily showing a pattern. This is Generous Spirit. It's a good grower too.

I don't love the color of Gopher Teeth.

This one's tag is missing, but I believe it to be Idiot Savant.

Dan Hanson does produce some beautiful edge/no eye daylilies. This is Indiana Melissa. I have had three people want to buy this from me, but I doubt it will grow well enoough to divide.

I don't love the rusty overlay of Ruckus, but it's got some nice teeth.

A few more in the comments . . .


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