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Help with two mislabeled roses?

HI folks

One of these mislabeled roses makes sense as it was a body bag from a tractor supply store. It was labeled Blue Girl which is the last thing it could be. So far the other body bags I've bought have been accurate so I'm batting with pretty good odds.

What do you think this might be? It has to be a common body bag, so the hot orange ones would include Tropicana or Fragrant Cloud. The blooms do start more high centered before they open up and they don't seem to fade at all with age. I can't detect a fragrance but I can't smell roses I'm sure are Fragrant Cloud so that doesn't mean anything.

Any ideas?

It's much more hot orange than it looks like in these photos - sort of a Gingersnap color, but that's an unlikely body bag. If it were really this red, I'd guess something like Showbiz.


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