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Some Rain before the Oppression

last month
last modified: last month

We did have some rain last night. Not that much, but it refreshed the garden. In general, blooms have not been good. With cold nights and weather vagaries, flowers are smaller than usual and foliage ratty. Daylilies like humidity, but they'll get that with extreme heat and no rain in the next seven days at least. Night-time lows in the mid-seventies. Hard to imagine.

Heroes on Horseback has done well in its new location, where it is glad to be free of earwigs.

Madam Bessemar (a Schwartz cultivar) can have very interesting form.

Mower King on a new plant. Huge bloom.

Four Beasts in One looked better in person, but those yellows can glare when photographed.

Burning So Brightly is indeed very intense.

Stop the Car

Spunky Girls on sturdy scapes.

John Karl Seager has performed well.

Black Falcon Ritual is one of few plants so far that has excellent performance.

Lonesome Jaguar has looked very good.

Leaves trimmed because they grew over the boxwood.

Clown Parade

In the Heart of It All.

Spacecoast Red Eyed Monster. Not a fast grower.


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