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Waterproof Window Treatment for Wood Window in Shower?

10 years ago
The photo shows an original window in the bathtub/shower. We are not ready (nor do we have the funds), to update the window to a vinyl window, and to change the pink tile and "tile-in" the window casing to make it waterproof. The wood window (with wood moulding around it) is there to stay for a couple more years (also sticking around the next couple of years is the PINK tile - yuck!). Previous owners did not use that bathroom for showers, only for baths. We want to use it for showers, but will not start to do so until we find an attractive method to COMPLETELY cover the entire window and casing whenever we shower (which will be daily). I don't like the idea of a mini shower curtain as I have websearched is a popular quick thing to do, as we are looking for something we more design flare. I am thinking about a nice quality "Roller Blind" or "Roller Shade", however, I am thinking it would need to be one that specifically is manufactured with as a "waterproof" material, as mildew and waterstains (and general nastiness from such a daily wet exposure) would likely result if it is not a waterproof material. Does anyone have any ideas, or sources for a waterproof Roller Blind/Shade? Also, it would be more decorative if it came with a matching cassette/valance, which would conceal the roller mechanism...

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