Window Manufacturer - JeldWen or Andersen??

February 3, 2014
Need to choose JeldWen vs Andersen windows/new home build. Live in 47401 (S. Indiana). Lots of trees, woods, moisture. Architect recommended wood clad. Education on how to choose using criteria: Looks, Function, Durability, Low Maintenance, Cost.

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    Brickwood Builders, Inc.
    We have used both and by far like the Jeld-Wen. Much better made Window with more options. Agree with using a wood clad Window -will last much longer and looks much better.
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  • stirrypdx
    If you care about whether the manufacturer is a good corporate citizen and environmentally responsible, I would encourage you to google JeldWen, which has its manufacturing in Oregon (where I live). Lots of environmental violations over the years. I won't buy from them for that reason. We installed wood Pella windows on our last house and they were gorgeous and excellent quality.
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    Hoebeke Builders, Inc.
    Looks like the others are recommending Jeld-Wen but I have no experience with this brand. One thought though, most new custom homes require custom sized windows and I know Andersen is not good with the custom sizes. To "stirrypdx's" point we have used both Pella and Marvin with great success on both the quality of the window and the custom sizes (for no real upcharge). Also, clad it the way to go, but I think Andersen is vinyl (which can break down with ultraviolet light), and I know both Pella and Marvin are aluminum (read: no maintenance).
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  • rbcola
    Thank you all for sharing your opinions/experiences. The wood clad window type is what I'm interested in.
    A) Quaker / Brighton Series is another window manufacturer I saw yesterday. I liked the quality, features, choices, and what I learned about the company, etc. Perhaps someone has had exposure to this line as I think it may be a better option for me - if it financially is within cost budgets. But I'm still info gathering and shared the info w/my builder too.
    B) JeldWen, its the Siteline series.
    C) Andersen - definitely a wood clad window, can't think of the name of the line - perhaps the Architectural series(?)
    Marvin has a great reputation however probably out of the cost guidelines for the features/qualities we can get from the other companies.
  • rocketjcat
    Have you researched Eagle windows? Its the higher end of anderson. Our architect specified them, and we have been very pleased. Wood stained interior, aluminum clad, and they offer sash and window combinations in multi-tone colors for no additional charge. We got a combination of teal green and caramel. http://www.eaglewindow.com/Freedom/Unlimited-Exteriors.aspx
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  • rbcola
    Thank you again for sharing your opinions and experiences!!!

    The issue I've had locally w/Jeld-Wen Siteline is none of the businesses in my zip code has the Siteline a working display. However, I'm hoping to see them this week. I have seen the Quaker Brighton on display, and liked it too. I think now that you (rocketjcat) mentioned it - the Andersen Eagle was what we were considering. Definitely don't recall it being a vinyl clad either. Some other brands that look good on Houzz and online were: Weather Shield, Melgard and Kolbe. I think Kolbe's going to be out of my budget (like Marvin and beyond!).
  • rbcola
    Just an update on my assessment. Asked the Quaker folks for homes in my area with the Brighton (aluminum,wood clad only series) with casement and double hung installs to drive by. They are putting that together.
  • rbcola
    Looked today. Did see more of their installations. But still have questions. Don't see very much new construction projects. These were older homes and granted the windows seem to be in good condition. I will pose the question to the mftr rep/sales rep.
  • rbcola
    Still in the home build process.....but did go w/Jeld-Wen. They seem very nice but the proof will be in the "pudding"......when we move in and live with them. Hope to keep you posted.
  • slupher
    rbcola - Did you go with the siteline product from Jeld-Wen? We are also building new and are looking for an appropriate look for a modern prairie home, which vinyl is just not looking good in that regard. Thanks.
  • rbcola
    @slupher: yes, did go with Jeld-Wen Siteline. As stated - still in build process, will know more when we live in the house. I was at the site yesterday - Windy, cold, wet outside - the construction site seemed noticeably quiet, warm, "tight"......so far. Best wishes to you....
  • slupher
    Great, thanks rbcola. We're breaking ground next week and need to order windows soon. Given our options I think we're going with the siteline as well. Happy to share pics once we get to that point.
  • speedyd96
    Would you like to see the full line of Andersen Products. We have a commented Dealer in Bloomington market, that displays our complete lines. Today we have 6 Product Series with a wide range of price points.
  • Dawn Doherty
    Our builder recommended Kolbe over Marvin and the others. The interior doors we got from Kolbe are beautiful and flawless. The windows were the opposite. We installed double-hung and they've leaked not just air (they would "scream" when we had high-winds), but the sheer amount of dust and particulates was ridiculous. Kolbe's reps have been to our house several times. First they added several screws into the side jams of every window to see if that would help. That helped only a little. Then a couple years later, after the windows still had wind leaks, they replaced the weather stripping with a thicker fabric strip. The wind, dust leaks, and screaming has been resolved but now opening the windows requires super-human strength with the risk of herniation. Our new home is going on 8 years old. We have already discussed replacing all the Kolbe windows with something/anything else.
  • gerzro33

    If you are looking for a company that has an incredibly disrespectful customer service team, and poor quality product (they are coming to my home for the fourth time to replace a side light window & blind) then Jeld-Wen, Inc. is perfect for you. I understand that things happen, and mistakes happen, but but one would think that they would make sure that the same mistake would not happen the second or third time. Not once did they apologize for their error.

    Overall, poor quality of product and workmanship!

  • Steve Holleran

    "...coming to my home..." - are you sure your complaint isn't with the contractor/distributor, rather than the factory? Generally the home owner is dealing with a middleman, the factory is just paying to replace product on warranty.

  • misiafisia14

    rbcola, how do you like your jeldwen windows?

  • quasiexpert

    Hoebeke Builders, Inc.

    "... One thought though, most new custom homes require custom sized windows and I know Andersen is not good with the custom sizes..."

    EH? Most of their windows are custom-sized to the 1/4", how much more custom do you need?

  • nanasuesto10

    Would like to weigh in on this discussion as most of this discussion has to do with cold, windy wintry weather. I'm building in southern Florida and also want a good quality window but the kicker...I need high impact glass for hurricanes and an exterior to last against ultraviolet light from the sun and reflection off of the Gulf coast water...so what manufacturer meets this test? The big boy down here is PGT windows made locally or investigate Anderson, Jeld Wen or others? Any input thankfully appreciated!

  • quasiexpert

    nanasueasto, I am not familiar with PGT, but between JW & AW, Andersen is by far my pick. They have coastal specs available on nearly every product they sell from the 400 Series, A-Series, and E-Series(Eagle Window & Door), and their SmartSun glass gives great UV & heat reflection without heavy tinting.

  • millworkman

    PGT is a fine product for your area. Predominantly sold in the southeast (based in Fla), and a quality product.

  • gmbuylow

    Anderson simply because Jeld Wen has ZERO customer service once you make a purchase. The hardware that came with my door was not treated properly and rusted after 1 year . They jerked me around for 1 week over six rusted $ 2 items . Then they apologized and sent me an email stating because we " value " your business send us $ 5 x 6 plus $ 10 shipping . what a joke ! They are currently involved in a customer service lawsuit . Look it up on any website .

  • dixichuk

    nanasueasto, The architect for my small house project in the North Florida coastal area spec'd Jeldwen impact resistant windows, but the $36,000 quote sent me scrambling to the internet. PGT is always at the top of any related Google search. They laminate their glass in house and were a pioneer company in developing and providing impact windows when they were first required in some areas. Apparently they were very well respected in the beginning with great reviews 10 years or so ago, but something must have happened, as the majority of reviews in 2015-2017 are very negative. Peeling vinyl, cloudy glass lamination, fingerprints in between the insulated space, pages of customer service compaints, meaningless warranty. They recently bought another company, CGI, when CGI's impact product became competitive. The reviews for that company seem to be more favorable than not, so they must still be making a reliable product as of now. I don't know the price difference, but I sure hope they are less $$$ than Jeldwen. In addition, PGT options for window styles that meet the impact codes are more limited than most of the other companies, but CGI offers a greater selection. Andersen has a wide variety of impact styles and options, and from the comments here, sounds like good customer service and quality...but there again $$$. Hope you had good luck with your choice.

  • nanasuesto10

    I just recently placed my window order w/ PGT and after your comments I guess I will keep my fingers crossed! I have 32% glass exposure and money was certainly a deciding factor comparing bids. I'll let you know as they should arrive and be installed within a couple of weeks~

  • dixichuk

    32%...wow! But then, we are the Sunshine State. PGT is undisputed as Florida's impact glass leader. As far as internet commentary, it can be a fickle, disgruntled arena, with motivations that may have little to do with an actual product. An increase in negative feedback may largely reflect an increase in PGT sales as wind codes become more strict and are applied beyond just Dade and Broward to the rest of us. I believe the most sage advice repeatedly popping up on all of these forums is that no window (or any other building product) can perform any better than its installation. Will be eager to hear how your experience goes.

  • seg2105

    hello all, I am looking for a french door to install in my daylight basement. The door is north facing and is located under the deck so it will get zero direct sun but we do live in Seattle so what we lack in sun we will make up in wet. Any input for this use case in the Pacific Northwest? thanks in advance

  • nanasuesto10

    I'd weigh in on not using real wood! You'd be asking a lot with the exposure, weather and dampness to install wood doors. Have you given any thought to sliders that meet/lock in the middle and French door appearance? The benefits: no door swing to contend with, when open the door wouldn't be exposed to elements and screens would be an option. Just a thought...and that I just recently saw a pair and did a double take that they were sliders and not French doors!

  • quasiexpert

    seg2105, Using a quality clad wood door sounds like a great option for you. The Andersen FWH door would be a nice option-solid heavy door that should easilylast for decades.

  • Jim Belke

    Would not recommend Jeld-Wen windows. I purchased 13 sliders for my home and had them installed in June, 2017. Their were missing stops on bottom track seperating each unit from the other. They were added later. The bottom track leaks allowing air, water and now they turned to ice. I contacted their customer service on Jan. 4, 2018 to put in a warranty claim. No call back ever, so called them about 10 days later. They advised me they were busy and put me on their list to call me on Ferb. 19, 2018 to set up an appoiontment in the future to have someone come out to inspect. Understaffed, poor service and management. Unbelievable disregard for the customer.

  • Andrea Ross

    I live in the panhandle of Florida on the back bay of Lynn Haven. We are using a builder that offers PGT windows or Anderson Silverline StormWatch? Which one people? I've noticed bad reviews on both. My concern is when I do have a problem which company will back up their warranty.

  • speck9756

    I live in New Orleans and looking for a good quality wood clad window. Any opinions are appreciated

  • Jim Belke

    JenWeld reps arrived 1 March 2018, checked all windows, put a self sticking strip on inside track on left side. They gave me literature re. condensation issues during winter months. I watch my humidity regularily, so paid special attention after install. Weather got very cold again so watched humidity and no condensation issues. The strip helped, not shure why and track channel dry. No water or ice in channel. Windows working well now, thx!

  • Larry Roth

    Don't buy Jeld-Wenn HORRIBLE customer service. I've had major issues

  • Jim Belke

    Took a long time to get someone to show re. issues of water in tracks of my 400 series wood with metal clading slider winbdows. Every window upstairs and downstairs had same problem. I was not running my humidifier at time, there was no visible condensation on windows. when it got into single digit and below zero weather, water froze. They provided me with info on humidity in winter issues and I already knew that and did all I could to avoid those problems. What they did do that changed the situation is run a self sticking piece of fiber in the track facing outward and I have not had that issue since. Yeah, now I'm a satisfied customer and paid the windows off last week. Windows look great inside and outside.

  • Mike Carlson

    Go with JELD-WEN. Products are comparable in quality & Anderson uses highly questionable business practices to get people hooked into expensive financing "deals." Despite paying in CASH, the Anderson sales personnel signed us up for unneeded financing, hit the credit account for the full amount of the deal BEFORE the windows were installed. It took us 2 months to undo the damage to our credit.

  • Waleed Uno

    I custom ordered seven JELD-WEN 2500 series for remodel but did not use them as they are pure garbage. Ended up buying Milgard Tuscany for the project. The JELD-WEN widows are still still in my garage, couldn't return them because of custom order

  • tbrodkey

    Waleed, would appreciate hearing why the Jeld Wen are junk - which line did you order? How can you tell they are junk

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