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Jan, unfortunately, I seem to burn through ClicErasers faster than lead!
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Wow! it sounds complicated. Im in the process of trying to decorate my living room knowing it is a small space
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What is complicated is returning a piece of furniture that doesn't fit. If you lugged it home from the store, you have to lug it back. If you ordered it, it may not be returnable, or there could be a re-stock fee. So get a nice heavy 25 foot tape measure, some quarter inch graph paper and a pencil. First, take a plain old piece of paper, and make a quick sketch of the room. Include where the doors, and windows and openings are. Now, take that ugly sketch and begin at your door, go in one direction around the room,and put the actual dimensions of walls, doors, how much wall to the left/right of doors, openings, windows etc included on the ugly sketch. Then sit down, pour a cup of brew and put that same information neatly TO SCALE ( 1/4 inch = 1 actual foot) on the graph paper. Measure the furniture you plan to keep. "Place" that on the graph paper in same i/4 inch equals one foot scale. You can cut templates of your furniture in that same 1/4 inch scale making it easy to "push around" on paper, or you can buy templates at an office supply. If you don't like erasing, scan yourself a neat copy and print blanks, and you'll have a few for the options you conjure up in arrangements! In fact, you can print a 1/4 graphed paper right on this link
And here is a link to scaled "furniture" also to print:
I tested the graph paper, not the printable furniture : )

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