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Yep. Whenever I go visiting or if I have guests all the pretty pillows end up tossed in a corner so we can sit on the furniture. One small one to support my back is all I need. And I certainly don't have extras on my bed. Where in the world would I store them every night? (I have three large dogs so the floor isn't an option.) That said, pillows are pretty and I do have a few favorites because they were gifts from special people or I just like them. They don't match the decor and that's just fine with me! :-)
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Iyare I
doublegutshot, they move the pillows when they come over and before they leave, they put them back. Please understand that it is MY house and not my guests house so it works for me and its aesthetically pleasing to MY eye. I happen to love lots of throw pillows... I like them surrounding me because it makes me feel like Im floating on a cloud. As for the bedroom, I have a california king so theres more than enough room for me and my pillows.
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Jane Linders Feng Shui Photography
Great tips for for changing the looks of a room with pillows. I've been printing my Feng Shui photos on pillows and am having so much fun. Here's my latest "wooden" pillow.

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