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I'd like to see a picture rail 'up close' with the 'hooks' because I have no idea how they actually work.

Also, are they easy enough to find - with the necessary hooks? Could I get them at places like Home Depot?

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Nice article! For our situation, I would like to see more modern versions, as I am planning to solve 3 problems in our Asiain modern living room by installing a picture wire. 1. We are installing 8' tall sliding glass doors next to already built-in 6' 8" window seats which we don't want to rip out; so the picture rail will go up to 8' all the way around the room and I will either paint a different color or wall paper below the picture rail to make the 8' line go all the way around the room and hopefully unify it. 2. I want to put LED strip up-lighting in them as there are really high ceilings in the room, and it is a very long, skinny room, so I want some nice inexpensive lighting that provides ambiance and also strengthens the 8' line (there will be the same uplighting on top of the 8' built-ins). 3. I want to hang pictures from the rail, and have never done this, so it would be wonderful if someone could post how to actually hang a picture on a picture rail!

Also, do people ever use a picture rail on some walls, but not on others in the same room?


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