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I am a feng shui consultant and so not a traditional interior designer, however I do want to encourage you to rake risks and trust your own taste. If you can try out an idea that you have and place the ottoman (s) in the space you will surely get a better idea of how you like it. Sometimes working strictly through the mind and "rules" gets in the way of just creating a space that you love. So, like painting or creating with paint: take a chance on your idea: either using a swatch of color and drape if over to get an idea, or trying various "groupings" and placements to see a variety of options. I have also tucked an ottoman under a table in my living room with a basket next to it and it looks great. Then I can pull it out when I need to use it. So that has worked out well. I ordered cowhide cube ottomans and was sent different cowhide colors by mistake and instead of returning them, I kept them and went with it . . . and lo and behold . . . ta da! A whole design that happened by accident and it works! Have fun and be playful with yourself - take a look at Architectural Digest magazine next time you see one at the bookstore. There are so many ways of creating a space that pleases the palette that it is astounding. Not all designs are my cup of tea but it has given me more confidence to choose what "I like" rather than follow a "code of strict rules". And to please who???? Please yourself!
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Good article
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Designe Gallerie

Bring a touch of luxury to your vanity room or dressing area, by replacing your regular stool with an ottoman. To make a bold statement, choose a fully upholstered piece in glossy metallic hues or deep-set button tufting.


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