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Our primary objective is to utilize the capacity of architecture to empower our clients.

Human experience arises within a perpetual cascade of natural energies whose powers and workings are the very shape of our existence. A creative approach to architecture focuses on the fundamental nature of life: change. Everything we construct is made in the present, yet rests on the events of the past and forms the foundation for the movements of the future. Our buildings are where we take place as human beings. Our function as architects is to guide clients in expressing with enduring material forms the intangible relationships that shape their own distinctiveness amid the dynamic conditions of being alive.

This approach to design is not an abstraction from daily routine, as are some traditional architectural theories, but an immersion in the flow of events. Understanding the life patterns and personal traditions of our clients is a key component of the process of rendering a solution to their desire for a building. By exploring psychological motivations and preferences, we are able to relate these subtle aspects of purpose to the practical conditions existing at a building site. With careful attention to environmental and economic factors, we synthesize an architectural result that articulates who they have come to be and who they wish to become. The goal of this creative architectural process is an evocative building in which our clients have expressed the unique beauty of their own lives.

Services Provided
Architectural Design, Architectural Drawings, Building Design, Custom Homes, Drafting, Floor Plans, New Home Construction

Areas Served
Fresno, San Louis Obispo, Los Angelos, West Side

Certifications and Awards
Arthur Dyson’s work can be seen in numerous high-profile design publications, television documentaries as well as major exhibitions. For a full list of appearances and awards, please visit our website.
Contact: Art Dyson
Location: 1295 N. Wishon Avenue
Fresno, CA 93728
Commented: Floors The floors are 12" x 24" slate tile with alternate tiles cut to 8" and 4" widths. Thanks for asking.
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Commented: Door This is a wood framed, glass door on an offset, pivot hinge made by the owner.
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Commented: Can I please use this photo? Yes, we'd be pleased to have you use the photo
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