The Morrison hOMe Tiny House
We (Andrew and Gabriella Morrison) are a husband and wife team that has been in the design/construction/education field for nearly 20 years. We decided to leave the rat race and design and build our own tiny house on wheels, which we lovingly call "hOMe". At 207sf + 110sf in lofts, hOMe provides us with everything we need to live and work in full time. Costing just over $33,000 in materials, this tiny house took us 4 months to build. Having lived in a wide range of housing throughout our lives, we can say that our experience in living in hOMe is our most favorite ever.

Services Provided
We offer architectural plans for the hOMe design as well as a step by step instructional DVD series showing exactly how to build our tiny house.

Areas Served
Worldwide on the web
Contact: Gabriella Morrison
Location: Ashland, OR 97520