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Creating a home that represents the owner's needs, wants and aesthetics has always been the driving design philosophy at Philpotts Interiors. Weaving cultural and environmental integrity into the exterior and interior physical spaces provides core values that guide the owner and designer. This approach is paramount to the successful creation of award winning homes—the hallmark of our business.

Philpotts Interiors' designers strive to give integrity and credibility to every project they undertake. The spaces they help create blend the sophisticated grace of East and West with respect for our natural elements. Indoors and outdoors mesh seamlessly, creating a total environment that is at once current and timeless.

Our designers help each client create an environmental identity—one that takes a 360 degree view of every project. Together we come up with that sense of place for you, whatever that place may be, whether it’s in a rainforest in Costa Rica, or an old beach resort on the California coast.
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Location: 40 South School Street No 200
Honolulu, HI 96813
Commented: where can i purchase something like this?? This was a found piece. Don't know who the artist is. Sorry not to be more help.
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Commented: I love it, but where is the ladder? The room has a ladder that runs along the 3 walls. It's just not in this image.
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Commented: Is the solid fabric also barkcloth? If not, then what type of fabric? The back pillows are a Glant Fabric. Safari 2729 100% cotton.
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Commented: The Painting The art is part of the clients personal collection. I'm sorry I don't have an artist name.
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Commented: Day bed It's great for naps!
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Commented: Day bed This was an Antique. Sorry I don't have the dimensions.
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