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5-Drawer Modular Tool Organizer and Storage System, Black
5-Drawer Modular Tool Organizer and Storage System, Blackby Keter(5)
As every do-it-yourself handyman knows, having a quality tool box, tool chest or tool organizer system is important for getting a job done efficiently. For faster, more organized repairs and construction tasks, you need to be able to find the right tool quickly without wasting time fumbling through a kitchen drawer or an old, rusted box. The Keter 5-Drawer Modular Tool Organizer and Storage System not only helps you keep your tools safe and organized, it offers convenient perks that an old-fashioned tool chest just can't match. With this product's five sturdy drawers, you'll have easy and complete access to all your important tools. The top module provides 3 drawers for smaller hardware and tools. The bottom drawer includes a deep storage space for your larger tools such as electric screwdrivers and drills. This tool chest is extremely versatile; with 16 removable small part bins and dividers you can organize each drawer to fit your specific needs. When Keter designed this chest, no detail was overlooked; it features integrated carry handles or you can install the locking swivel caster for easier mobility as a rolling tool chest. Remove the top module and you have two tool boxes. With its adaptable 5-drawer system, the Keter Modular Organizer and Storage System is not just for the garage! It�s perfect for all types of hobbies or home use, from scrapbooking, gardening, sewing, to craft storage. These portable and adjustable storage drawers meet a variety of organizational needs! Its modular construction enables it to easily fit in any existing home, office, utility room or craft area. You can even take this rolling 5-drawer cart with you on the go. Features and Benefits: *Adjustable Modular 5 Drawer Tool Chest *Features durable polypropylene resin construction *Features a central locking system, so each drawer stays secure before, during and after use *The bottom drawer offers deep storage space for larger tools *16 removable bins and dividers which can be organized to fit your needs *Integrated carry handles make each module easily portable *Locking swivel casters for easier mobility *Modular storage of tools, crafts or just around the home *Overall Dimensions: 23.5" H x 22.1" W x 11.3" D *Dimensions without Wheels: 19.76" H x 22.1" W x 11.3" DRead More
Garages quickly become the catchall for anything and everything that needs to be stored. Forget about parking there, the luggage and holiday decorations need a place to live! Without proper garage storage in place, it’s easy to lose sight of the real use of the space. Taking back control can be simple with the right organizational essentials, such as garage cabinets, storage bins, a workbench and a bike hanger. Learn about the basics of garage and tool storage below to get your space back to its full working potential.

What type of garage shelving should I get?

Storage shelves should be sturdy and sized properly for the space. Consider the weight and general height and width of the items you'll be storing on them, and then make your decision. Most garage shelves are made of metal, so they can be cleaned easily and will hold up over time. Wire shelving can be custom ordered to fit the exact dimension of your space, which is handy in an environment where every inch matters. Plastic shelving is also common — just make sure it’s well made and can withstand a reasonable amount of weight, since full storage bins can get awfully heavy.

What are my tool storage options?

To be of the most use to you, your tools should be well organized and easily accessible. A garage workbench is a good central hub. Putting up peg board behind and around workbenches is a cost efficient way to display and store your tools. There are plenty of different pegboard hooks and other pegboard accessories made to hold specific items, so find what works best for your collection.

A tool chest, or tool cabinet, is a must-have for the family that has lots of small tools. The shallow drawers will keep everything neatly arranged, and most tool chests can be locked to keep dangerous items out of harms way. Look for a tool cart or rolling tool box if you do lots of work outside of the garage itself. Similarly, a portable workbench is handy if garage space is tight and working elsewhere is more comfortable.

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