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Does Tuscan faux finish look dated?

December 19, 2014
We recently bought a house in Arizona that is very Tuscan/rustic (stacked stone exterior, travertine flooring, Alderwood doors). I prefer traditional decor and a cleaner pallet, but I'm also trying to work with what we have.
I'm an avid DYIer, but am having trouble with this one...
Should I ditch the faux finish? Paint the walls a cleaner greige? Stain the cabinets a shade darker?? Help!

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  • zazfuzzroc
    I definitely think if you're not happy with it, then go for it. :) There's nothing wrong with a cleaner look. :) Good luck in your new home. :)
  • rocketjcat
    I would start with changing the wall paint. The mirrors are large so the color you don't like is being reflected everywhere. I would try that first, see how you like it, and you might not need to change the cabinets.
  • lucidos
    The cabinets match the doors and changing them will open a can of worms. I suggest you consider trimming out the mirror which is an easy DiY. Paint the bathroom in stone blue not a greige. Bring in warm amber accents and hardware pulls. Get a brass light fixture to match the faucets.

    Your image was difficult to work with but I hope this gives you the idea.

    As far as Tuscan being dated - You should allow yourself your likes and dislikes in your home and allow your home to make some natural dictates. I have an old Victorian and although I can bend the rules to the homes natural styling I can't break them it would just look odd. So I have learned to embrace it for what it is.
  • PRO
    Lou Vaughn Remodeling
    If you change to much you may end up wanting to go from room to room! Something as simple as adding the correct crown moulding can get one to see the other products will work as they are! Dedicated mirrors and light fixtures could help. From what I see here on my monitor, I would not suggest darker stain unless you have a back up plan that will let you paint them or replace them. "Connecting", with a local designer may help too! http://LouVaughnRemodeling.com
  • PRO
    Sustainable Dwellings
    i always wonder how people buy houses with interiors they don't like unless they are going to flip it...
  • marilynellis
    Don't think because you live us AZ that you have to go with Mediterranean. Do what you like. Personally I think Tuscan /Mediterranean although lovely has been so overused and overdone that I'm sick of it and it's passé.
  • gail1979
    Wow! Great suggestions everyone! I don't dislike Tuscan/Mediterranean, it's just not my first choice of style. I think I'm going to paint first and do a bit of decorating and then see how I feel. I think you're right that going darker on the cabinets might lead to me wanting to redo the trim, doors, and eventually whole house. ;-)

    The house's neighborhood, floor plan, lot-size, square footage, a killer backyard, and walking distance to a top-rated school won over the second choice in decor/style. Our CA house was just very different in style; and so is our furniture etc.
    So thankful for this site and the great ideas!!
  • gail1979
    Marilynellis I feel the same way about Tuscan decor!
  • ycity
    Yes agree you should change the paint. If that still doesn't do it, consider changing tile too?
  • dclostboy
    Absolutely change the paint...but try and keep with the warm tones in cabinets...too blue / cool might clash.
  • Lynnie
    Well, that is a hard call. Personally, I think the cabinets are dark enough and actually a nice warm color. As far as the paint, I am not a big fan of how it looks. Some faux painting is very warm and Tuscan feeling. I am not getting that with what I see. You might be happier going with another color and just solid. There are some nice greens out there. A few ideas you might like:

    Farmhouse Revival · More Info

    Pigeon Lake · More Info
  • gail1979
    Paint it is! Ycity the same travertine flooring is all throughout the house.

    I don't want to fight the house too much...
    I refinished the kitchen cabinets off-white with a dark glazing (from the original honey oak). I'm thinking I could do the same here if wall color doesn't do it for me.
  • lucidos
    The coolness of the blue with the amber works well with wood trying to tone it down. It has to be the right blue though. Colors occur through many styles and there is no reason you can't push the design packet a bit. These would pull the design to a country french.
  • gail1979
    Lucidos I think you're onto something here. We have been merging French country with our kitchen and dining room to update. It seems to work nicely with the existing Tuscan/rustic decor.
  • Lynnie
    The grey-blues go with many neutrals as well. So, I think you are both onto something, lol
  • magada
    Some great advice here.
    A solid wall color will make an enormous difference to start with.
    If possible take out what seems to be a mirrored, angled med cab, it's visually confusing to the space.
    The wood is very likely to swing back into favor pretty soon, trends being a matter of action-reaction so i'd just work with it as already suggested.

    Good luck, this looks like an interesting project :)

    *Hardware and lighting update of course.
  • gail1979
    I think eventually I'll ditch the corner mirror cabinets and build wall niches to replace them like I did in our California house.

    What type of hardware and lighting updates? I go back-and-forth on that because I don't mind the current fixtures.
    Most of the house is done in oil rubbed bronze with a couple things in polished brass. (Orb doorknobs, kitchen knobs, and light fixtures).

    How much can I mix metal colors?
    And how important is it for cohesiveness with fixtures??

    Thanks again for all the input everyone.
  • professorlilith
    Honestly, I think the cabinets are beautiful, but the brownish/beige walls are depressing. It's just too much brown, and not very well matched brown, either. A complementary color paint on the walls would help a lot. Even putting down a colored soap dish and rug, but paint is so much cheaper than cabinets I'd change it right away. I would go with a deep rose, but a cool blue or green would work, too, if you want a more modern look.
  • PRO
    Cheryl Khan
    By nature, Tuscan has a bit of a distressed and aged appearance. Although the shade of the cabinets are warm, I'd favor lightening them up just a bit to add a glow to the room. The other thing you can do is add bright terracotta tiles. Aside from that, changing the decor and accessories will really make the room come together. Here's a resource that will provide insight:


    Swap out the chrome faucets for oil rubbed bronze fixtures as well as the lighting bar. You should have add vertical lighting or else the lighting will cast shadows on across your face from above.
  • gail1979
    Thank you.
    And I guess I should specify that the faucets are gold… that picture is misleading.
  • jonathan3
    That style looks more Tucson than Tuscan...
  • lucidos
    I may be wrong but I see brushed chrome on the light fixture, gold faucets and ORB towel holder not sure what the pulls are. In such a small space as a bath select one. You can actually spray paint the current fixtures with rustoleum metallics (prep with a spray primer).
  • Lynnie
    Gail1979..I just sprayed a chrome light fixture with Rustolem "Pearlized" white and it came out great! I actually forgot to mention it until I just saw the post from lucidos. In the hallway or quest bath I have chrome, in the kitchen hallway I am going with brushed nichol. In the master bath, (Where that new light is going) I have mostly the bronze with some touches of white, soooo, I did not want a chrome light fixture. Though this fixture has crystals that I attach and should be quite attractive whenever it is done. :/

    A few more ideas...

    Whole House Remodel · More Info

    "His" Master Bath Suite · More Info

    Villa Sevilla · More Info
  • PRO
    Quality Bath
    I think painting the cabinets white will update it. The wall color Lynnie suggested is really nice too and will go well with your travertine floor.
  • gail1979
    Sorry guys, the photo isn't the best... The light fixture, towel bars and cabinet knobs are all oil rubbed bronze BUT the faucet is polished brass.
    Great idea about the spray painting. I've used it for knobs in the past and a chandelier, but do you think it would work on the faucets?? Otherwise I may just swap out the faucets to ORB too.
  • lucidos
    I've seen it successfully done on tub and sink fixtures. Key is you need to prime first. Even with that you may not have permanent long lasting results meaning you may have to repeat the application in a year or 2 and you may have to take a bit of extra care in the interim not to leave toothpaste spatters sitting. The cost for spray and primer as opposed to two faucets may warrant a try.

    Do frame out the mirror to update the look. Easily done with caulking right on the glass.

    Is it possible to take a better image of the room?
  • gail1979
    Yes. These are all ideas I've considered, but wasn't completely sure on. I may try spray painting the faucets too.
    But I will post a better picture when I am back home!
  • gail1979
    I painted the walls with an extra can of paint I had and picked up two ORB faucets on clearance.
    Eventually I will take down the corner mirrors and frame the large mirror. It's my two-year-old son's bathroom, so for now it will stay as is... until I get a bit more motivated to continue the project :-)
  • zazfuzzroc
    Looks nice! Good luck with the rest of your home. Enjoy! :)
  • gail1979
    Thank you. In the process of this bathroom I totally remodeled our other guest bathroom, and absolutely love it. Funny how that works out.

    ...And I remember now exactly how much I hate taking down/putting up wallpaper.
  • zazfuzzroc
    Oh Gail, I join you in the wallpaper hating. Lol :) Been there did that. I do like some of the new ones, but if I did it....I would stick to a focal wall. :) Less to take down. Lol :) That's great that you had success with your other room. Glad to hear that! :)
  • PRO
    Gray & Walter, Ltd.
    If well done it is not out of style. You can also work around it, you can update it by adding new lighting and new painted wall finishes to update the decor.

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