Making My own retaining wall blocks

15 years ago

I am seriusly thinking of making my own retaining wall blocks from the molds I am thinking of buying off ebay. I can buy 4 molds for about 80 dollars including shipping. In NJ, I visited varoius garden places including Lowes and Homedepot and the 600 blocks I need would cost me between 1100 to 1500 excluding the delivery. Plus, I do not need all at once so that means I have to get them delivered in batches and I have to pay for the delivery each time. I could make about 4 blocks with 1 bag of concrete(80lb) and I would like to know whether it is a good idea. I know it will take up a lot of time but I am not in a hurry to have them today. I could make 8 blocks per week and cure them for another week before I can place them in the garden. I have about 4 trees in the front yard and each of them need 60 blocks to have a nice retaining wall built around them. Please tell me that I am not crazy to get such an idea.

Did any of you do this sort of thing? I also would like to make my own stepping stones for my backyard walkway.


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