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Best drought tolerant full-sun trailer for baskets?

18 years ago

My upstairs neighbor has asked me to help her plant her front porch, and I need some advice.

It's a very open, south-facing, more-than-full sun site, about 8'x 20'. Weight of pots is not a problem, but water will be a little tricky, so the more drought-tolerant the better.

We had a very cool, wet summer last year, and she fell in love with some of the plants I have. I've convinced her that hosta really isn't an option for her, but she loved the look of the long diochondra, vinca vines, and Purple Queen tradescantia I had in hanging pots, and wants that look.

I'd appreciate your best suggestions for drought tolerant, full sun, trailing plants, as well as other good container plants for this site. She loves color, fragrance is a plus, and blue flowers would put her over the moon.

I really appreciate your advice. We're doing a whole overhaul of the space; fixing up a table and chairs, a nice bench, putting up solar "mood" lighting and some party lights. I'd love to have the plants be equally beautiful and easy to care for -- so I figured I'd turn to the experts!

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