Tips for excavating dirt/gravel from yard?

5 years ago

Newbie (to the forum and to landscaping!) here. I've taken on fixing up the yard at my new place, and feeling a bit in over my head. I have help in terms of muscle, but welcome advice on process and tools. Excited to learn.

So far, I've raked up and shoveled into trash/yard waste bins as much of the top layer gravel as possible. It was filled with glass, screws and other debris. The bulk of it's gone, but there's still a lot of gravel mixed in with the dirt, several inches deep.

Next order of business is to excavate about 3" of the dirt in preparation for laying DG then artificial grass (found used for super cheap - this yard is on a few hundred dollar budget and professional install costs thousands). We're renting a rototill today to break the dirt up. (Already determined underground piping, etc.) Then, I'm baffled!!

What's the best way to get it OUT?
Where do you dump it?
How would you even get it into a truck without days of back-breaking shoveling? (Not to mention, the closest the truck can get would be outside the gate - top right in pic.)
How many truckloads would approx. 3" over 300 sq ft be?
How much does it cost to dump?
How much would a flat-rate haul-and-dump contractor cost?
Where do you find one, craigslist?

Any direction greatly appreciated!

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