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Turnips, turnips everywhere!!

11 years ago

Not sure if this has ever been a problem for anyone before, but we just moved and are trying to grow veggies in a 50x50 garden. Our property used to be farmland which was last farmed 4 years ago. As you might have guessed from my post title, they farmed turnips here last. Each morning when I go out to my garden, there are hundreds of turnip greens sprouting out of the ground. I swear, these things pop up out of the ground overnight and are 4" tall by morning. I cannot keep up with these things! I chop them up with the hoe when I see them, but they are multiplying rapidly and I doubt I'm going to be able to keep up. Is this going to pose a problem with my other veggies? Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to control this problem?

Too bad the previous farmers couldn't have planted something that I actually like and wouldn't mind harvesting!

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