Herbs for Menopause

April 27, 2005

If you were to grow a small herb garden for menopausal relief, what would be the most useful herbs to grow and why? I have a small space to work with but any and all suggestions are welcome!

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  • bushpoet

    Hello RutabagaRachel & welcome to the Herbalism forum.

    I love your question! I should plant a garden like that!

    Of course, what would grow best depends on how much sun/shade and what kind of soil/drainage you have, but here's an off-the-top-of-my-head list (great for PMS too):

    tonics/hormone balancers
    dandelion (yup, that weed)
    red clover
    red raspberry
    black cohosh - gorgeous flowers!
    mugwort - potentially invasive 'weed' & can increase bleeding!
    dong quai - can increase bleeding!
    chaste tree (vitex)
    flax (ground seeds)
    evening primrose (root & ground seeds)

    nerve soothers, sedatives & anti-depressants
    oats (use both the green stems & fresh seedheads)
    lemon balm
    hops - potentially invasive
    california poppy
    st. joan's wort - don't use with chemical anti-depressants

    help with heavy bleeding (flooding)
    shepherd's purse
    stinging nettles

    breast nourishing
    lady's mantle

    UTI preventors
    yarrow & dandelion (again)
    marshmallow - beautiful flowers!

    That's a start. I'm sure the good folks here can add lots more to the list.


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