Garden layout-space to move

10 years ago

Im am about to extend the fencing around my home to include more of the side yard. This will be a pretty narrow strip of yard 10-12x50. Im really going to have to go vertical with a lot of my veggies to have enough room to make it worth it! I am hopping to put in some raised vegetable garden rows, leave some lawn and maybe a small water feature. I would also like to incorporate a couple of other structures like a small greenhouse, compost bins etc. I just had some general questions on sizes of walk ways and things you wish youÂd done or were really glad you incorporated

1. What width on walkways do you find you need in the garden?

2. And how wide if I need to move a wheelbarrow through it  would have to walk almost in a full circle of the house if I could not cut through here.

3. I would like the greenhouse for starting seeds and over wintering some plants in larger containers that will not work in the house or garage. What sizes etc would be best? IÂm thinking of going 6x8 just to get started and doing the Snap N Grow so I can add on later, but I think Ill be stuck with the 6ft wide Âwould hate to wish Id gone for the 8ft insteadÂ

4. Any other words of wisdom?


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