Pachira (Money Tree) - Spring re-potting pics

Good evening, everyone!

I came home this afternoon to find that my Pachira had been knocked over by the wind.

Since I've been meaning to re-pot the tree for several weeks, I took the opportunity today.

I was delighted to see the thickness of the main root...which I'll be exposing a little at a time.

The mix is bark, pumice, and perlite - a dose of Osmocote, and a dash of wood ash.

I hope these images are helpful to the Pachira enthusiasts out there!

My Pachira, grown from a single leaf:



I'm embarrassed to show you these roots...what neglect!



At least there was a nice fat root waiting for me in there....

If you can't tell, I tore off a good amount of roots and blasted away the soil:



Root-ball - mostly perlite and pea gravel remaining....



The new mix:



Carefully re-potting, using a chop-stick to fill all the spaces betwixt the roots....



Watering the new mix thoroughly:



Full view of my Pachira:



Large, healthy foliage grown this Spring:



And the old soil - pea gravel mixed with bonsai potting soil. If not for this durable mix,

I don't think I could have let the Pachira go so long without re-potting. Thanks again to Al,

who set me on the path to soil-less container media.




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