Garden withdrawls

7 years ago

Anyone else bummed that the major players are pretty much done this season? Summer just flew by and I am a little sad :(. I think it is hard because our winters seem to drag on. But I am growing an indoor garden soon so that will keep me busy. Still have some canning to do too. How do you keep busy when the days are short? I am so addicted to gardening :)!

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  • sweetquietplace
    7 years ago

    I read, make wine and liqueurs, plan next year's garden.

  • nancyjane_gardener
    7 years ago

    Get ready for the holidays, work on my compost and beds.
    By the time the holidays are over it's about time to start seeds. I haven't done much from seed, but I retired in July, so I'm thinking that will be a great project!
    I'm also hoping to start working on a greenhouse! I had a small HFGH for about 5 years, then it blew away! I loved sitting in there on cold days, reading Janet Evanovitch and cackling like a hen! I also loved having flowers in bloom in there all through the winter!
    I also have a couple of winter beds that I have lettuce, chard, radish, beets, broccholi, fava beans, celery, kale, carrots. So I'm not out of the gardening loop. I just don't get very motivated to get out in the rain! LOL Nancy

  • pnbrown
    7 years ago

    I thought this was going be about gardens that talk with southern drawls....

  • springtogarden
    Original Author
    7 years ago

    Oops, I had a typo lol at pnbrown. That is what I get for posting when I am tired. Can't fix it so will have to ignore it. I'd love a green house. I'd do the same thing. Beautiful flowers in winter. Now that's an idea! I wish I had a house with a yard for one. I think I am going to stock up on seeds :). If our springs weren't so cold, it wouldn't seem so long. I am ready to go in February but it is too darn cold.

  • glib
    7 years ago

    Grow more Fall vegetables then. To me, the real end is Thanksgiving weekend. After that, it is only picking under hoop houses.

  • zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin
    7 years ago

    (spitting soda on keyboard after Pnbrown's comment) Well, I suppose someone had to say it!

    No frost here yet; but when it comes, there will still be plenty to do. There are trays of tomatoes waiting to be dehydrated, and frozen juice (put up during the busy season) waiting to make jelly. I still have lots of garlic, shallots, and walking onions to Fall plant for next year. And since I grow many beans for seed, I'll also be shelling dry pods for at least a couple weeks after frost... which is a nice way to ease the withdrawl, y'all. ;-)

  • seysonn
    7 years ago

    No problems here.
    I have few winter crops(Onions, radishes, leeks, parsley).
    So when the maters and pepps and eggps and cukes are gone, I will prepare the beds, turn over add compost and cover(too much rain on the way in the winter). That will be like a month from now.

    I will just relax more, eat more and enjoy the holidays ...
    Next get seeds and get ready, maybe, germinated few pepps and maters (head start program).

  • laceyvail 6A, WV
    7 years ago

    Zone 6 A here. Besides the sweet potatoes that I'll dig this week, a short row of late beans, late zucchini and the last of the peppers, still in the garden--fall beets, carrots, Asian radishes, scallions, leeks, kale, collards, cabbages, several types of fall/winter lettuces, arugula, mustards, turnips, chard, and savoy cabbages that will be harvested in December and January. I always like the fall garden the best.

  • ltilton
    7 years ago

    A lot of processing to do around this time. I just finally had time to put up some of the fruit I had frozen during the hot season.

    Come November, trees need to be pruned.

  • pnbrown
    7 years ago

    Well, y'all, I'm not sad a-tall:

    Apples are everywhere, cider is hardening in the kitchen, peppers and tomatoes are overflowing, the sun chokes are flowering, corn is getting close to bread-stage, more green beans than can be eaten....

    It's a great season this year, just too many things to be done right now is the only problem.

  • susanzone5 (NY)
    7 years ago

    I'm sad that the beans, cukes and tomatoes are done as well as the second crop of peas, but the greens are in their prime. There is so much labor now, taking down vines and trellises, making compost with the grass and newly falling leaves, emptying containers of deck plants as they die in the cold.

    I garden till the snow and ice keep me from opening the fence gate. I also dream of an attached garden room in my house.How much fun that would be. I get away to a warmer place for a few weeks in winter and then start seeds indoors by March. I bide my time with swing dancing, hiking and otherhobbies indoors.

    Also, this time of year we have fun picking apples at abandoned or public orchards and my friends' backyards. I make fruit nectars with my juicer. I love autumn, my favorite season

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