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Bugs/larva INSIDE leaves

9 years ago

Hi, My daughter is at a loss, she just caught me on FB and said she has something eating the inside of her Holiday Cactus. She seen a few holes/chew marks from what she thinks was Scales. She kept it in water for 2 days to wash off the bugs,(even the roots) repotted with new soil, that seemed to take care of the outside.

She says there is a clear larva or worm like something sucking the moisture from the INSIDE of her plant. She looked under a microscope to see. Nothing new outside since the soaking. She can't see anything in the soil or the roots.

Does anyone have any idea what this is and what can be done for it? She really loves this plant and would like to save it if possible..

She thanks anyone with any advice.

Marjie~~ still a mom :)

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