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An 'Olive' for the North.

13 years ago

OK, those of you (such as NAFEX members) who are really into the unusual, has anyone ever heard of doing this with the fruit of Northern Fringetree?

From the OIKOS Tree Crops website:

"One of the best native North American ornamental shrubs with a flower display like falling snow. The dark blue fruits produced in long clusters add to its ornamental appeal in the fall and are eaten by birds. Make your own olives. Not quite but in the same family as "true" olives and were pickled by early settlers. In the raw state, the fruits taste like bitter rhubarb and gym socks. Wow. I will never do that again. Adaptable to sun or light shade in a variety of soils but is found growing wild along streams. Height varies from 4-8 ft. with equal spread. Have seen 15 ft. specimens. Hardiness -30 °F."

Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

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