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Rusty Wheelbarrow

July 27, 2011

My kids rescued this rusty wheelbarrow for me (they know me well) and this is my first experience planting wave petunias. Happy with how it's filling out. It's nice to just wheel it up to the faucet to water it also!


Comments (12)

  • jeannespines

    A 'functional' wheelbarrow...that's even better yet! Those look like the Wave Petunias I grow in my Tipsy Buckets...aren't they gorgeous! Love it! TFS! Jeanne S.

  • nancelee

    That's gorgeous! How many plants did you put in there?

  • Marlene Kindred

    How Pretty! Your petunias are doing wonderful and what a great way to save an old wheelbarrow.

  • marylee_2010

    That is really nice. I like that you can wheel it to your faucet for watering.


  • sunnyca_gw

    Beautiful! And I love your walk & the garden around it!! Very nice setting, the pink flowers set the area off nicely! Jan

  • sorie6

    Very pretty and good way to recycle! I agree your garden is very nice!!

  • luvs2click

    Thanks for the comments. You should have seen me trying to poke holes in the bottom of the wheelbarrow for drainage - that bugger is tough - really a shame that I did because it was a nice strong bottom. I just used a hammer and a nail and I had to beat it forever, about broke my eardrums. The wheel is a little past it's prime and the WB isn't very deep or I might have just used it in the garden. I do have another deep one that I use.
    Nancelee - I believe it was 16 wave petunias I put in there.

  • nonacook

    LOL---You are driving nail holes, and I am trying to keep mine from leaking too much. Here where we have been having a drought (until the last few weeks) I could not keep enough water in mine....
    I lined it with heavy duty plastic, and just poked a couple of tiny holes in that. Finally--didn't have to water every day!
    The wave petunias make a wonderful display.

  • concretenprimroses

    Beautiful! It looks like my dad's wheelbarrow which he bought in the 50s or 60s and is still going strong at my mom's.
    I'll have to keep an eye on it to see when it starts rusting out.

  • luvs2click

    Nonacook - I have heard of lining pots with disposable diapers to hold moisture - actually have done that before in my bicycle baskets. I suppose that would work in wheelbarrows too, maybe even adult sized diapers!

  • nonacook

    Luvs, I have heard that too, but never did try it. I
    think I still have one package left over from when Bill
    was sick. May have to try it....
    I did buy some of the 'gel' that you can put in pots and used it some, but I try not to have too many containers
    anymore. Not like I did when I had over 300 varieties of houseplants in the late 1970s.

  • jlily

    That is one beautiful wheel barrow. I LOVE the Wave Petunias and your walk area. Jlily

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