Need tip help for drilling china cups, etc.

11 years ago

OK, here's the deal. we've been gathering coffe cups, tea cups,etc. to make feeders & totems. Last night Maxey was in the shop & drilling a coffe cup. He says he was using a masonery bit ...I wouldn't know one if it hopped on my knee. He drilled into the cup through the bottom and says it was getting hot so he turned cup over to go through the bottom to finish out the hole. Well, as hes going through, a "chip" of something from the cup popped off and hit his forehead right above his eyebrow and burned him, or maybe it was the force of the eject, anyway he had a bright red spot and said it hurt. Also he was NOT wearing any eye protection..yeah, I know, I've already got him about that!

Anyway..he was using WD40 as lubricant.I told him no more drilling til I talk to you guys and find out what he's doing wrong. He's been a carpenter for 25 years, so he knows how to use tools. What'd he do wrong & how do we right it?????? Thanks in advance for your help...Judy

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