Leaf mold as soil medium

February 19, 2014

My growing season is about to begin and I have a rasied bed filled with decomposed leaf mold. The leaf mold is probably 2 years old but hasn't been used yet. I built the raised bed and filled it completely with the leaf mold. I read that leaf mold can't be used for soil medium and another said you might be able to, just try it. Ive got my whole growing season ahead of me so I don't have time to try it so I coming to y'all for advice. from what I've read it's an additive not a base. So, am I stuck?
Do I need to dig out half and till some soil from my yard into it to make a 50/50?
Can I just add some yard soil or other product to it to make my veggies happy? If so what?

Thanks for any advice!

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