Is sluggo really safe for my dogs?

May 21, 2005

I know that the label says it's pet safe, but my dogs like to lick it off the soil whenever they find it. I have a bad slug problem and this is the one thing that seems to work well. Has anyone ever heard of a pets getting sick from sluggo or other iron phosphate products? Does anyone else have dogs that like to eat it?


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  • Kimmsr

    According to the Material Safety Data Sheet, one of the better ones I've seen, the Lethal Dose for 50 percent of the population would be aroun 5,000 mg per kg of body weight, lots. Your pets would need to ingest a lot of this to begin to show signs of toxicity and if they did diluting it with lots of water would help.

  • Dibbit

    I have read (here, I think) that caffienated coffee sprayed on plants will kill slugs, or at the least, repel them, if you don't want to put down the Slug-go. I agree with Kimmsr that it would seem to need a LOT of the Slug-go to do any harm, and the coffee would have to be re-applied after each rain, so you would have to trade off what you want to do....., work pretty hard spraying, depending on the number of plants or put down the pellets only once or twice as they get used up.

  • apcohrs

    Isn't caffine more toxic than iron phosphate? (she says as
    she types while drinking her morning coffee)

    I think iron phosphate is used as a human food additive. I would have no pet safety concerns on this one.

  • JAYK

    Yes, caffeine is much more toxic to dogs than iron phosphate. There are no dog safety issues with use of Sluggo bait.

  • marymd7

    And while we're on the subject, let me just add that these iron phosphate slug/snail killers are JUST UNFREAKING BELIEVABLY FANTASTIC. Last year I finally used some after years of messing around with all of the other puttering organic slug/snail deterrents. I am completely sold. Sign me up for the testimonial ads. This stuff just can't be beat for safety, effectiveness and ease of use.

  • it_better_be_organic

    There is absolutly no reason to add iron phosphate into the water table and into your soil

    use diatomacious earth. it works just as well.

    yes - sluggo is inferior to diatomacious earth.

  • JAYK

    Perhaps it works for you, but DE is not effective in wet climates such as the Pacific Northwest. Trials here show good efficacy with iron phosphate. Use of Sluggo does not present a groundwater risk. It is naturally present in soils.

  • habitat_gardener

    Around here, I know several gardeners who have observed birds eating the sluggo, so they have had to protect the sluggo from birds by putting the sluggo (and plant) under a cloche, or putting some other bird barrier in place so that the sluggo can be eaten by its preferred target.

  • marymd7

    With all due respect, and based on years of organic gardening experience, DE does not even begin to work as well as the iron phosphate slug baits. DE has its uses (I find it particularly helpful as a dust to slow down flea beetles), although there is always the problem of needing to reapply it frequently as ANY moisture renders it ineffective, but deterring slugs and snails just isn't one of them in my experience.

  • David Smith REALTOR

    All do respect as well..... BUT BS D.E. or Diotomacious Earth works FANTASTIC and is completely organic (ground sea shells). Snails and slugs are sliced open when they crawl across it. Works great and is actually GOOD for the soil

  • rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

    David, there is no evidence that DE is effective on slugs and snails. They can glide across it without any damage. DE doesn't harm earthworms, either. DE isn't made of ground up sea shells, far from it.

    What it is effective at killing is arthropods, making it a real problem for the healthy ecosystem of a living soil system, where a large variety of highly beneficial insects and others live in all stages of life.

    I would argue strongly that DE is not good for the soil, when one considers the harm it causes to predaceous beetles and their larvae, Sphinx moth pupae, lightning bug larvae, etc.

    I use DE in my garage, where it helps control the black widow spider problem we have, but will only use it in the confines of the garage.

  • albert_135   39.17°N 119.76°W 4695ft.

    David Smith REALTOR, are you still trying to sell that bridge?

  • HU-593995649


  • David Smith

    50% of ALL dog poisoning in the US is from Slug/Snail poison DO NOT USE IT

  • David Smith

    rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

    REAL 100% diotomacious Earth is like microscopis razor blades. It kills fleas, slugs, snails, etc. It works fantastic, is cheap (50lb bag $25). If it gets wet...just re-apply...easy peasy. Use a plastic, or coffee cup to sprinkle in problem areas. Also works on dogs and carpets for fleas


    No, as much as we'd like it to be, Sluggo and Sluggo Plus are NOT safe for dogs (nor earthworms for that matter). They don't list > 98% of ingredients on the label, and it's one of those and its interaction with the iron phosphate that makes it unsafe for dogs, especially small dogs (lower dosage amounts affect them):

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