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Killing a tree stump, safely

11 years ago

I know this is an odd forum to post this question, but I dont want a lot of toxic suggestions.

I just had to cut down an old maple that was sick. I now have a stump about 24" in diameter and 10 inches high. I had a very nice shade bed planted around the tree and plan on continuing to garden there, (though will have to change up the plants.)

I dont mind having the stump, I can just put a big bowl on it and call it a birdbath, but I really dont want it trying to re grow. Does anyone have any suggestion for anything to ensure that the roots die out?

The guy that cut down the tree for me said to just keep clipping off any growth and that it would eventually give up and die, but thats hard for me to believe. I have read about drilling holes and adding salt, but am concerned it would ruin the area for planting.

Any safe suggestions?

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