Power Company sprayed tree & bush killer

May 15, 2011

The power company sprayed tree & bush killer on my property, under the power lines.

By the time I found out the sprayer where gone.

Now I have poisons on my land 30 feet from my garden.

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  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    Most herbicides tend to breakdown in the environment rather rapidly. As long as your garden was not affected by spray drift, I doubt you have much to be concerned about.

    FWIW, in my area, the power company will mow brush, top or remove trees and occasionally spray along the powerline right of way (public property) but they are not permitted to do any of this on private property without owner permission and/or advance notice. Are you sure the powerlines are located on YOUR property and not on an easement (which allows free access, just like public land)?

  • lsst

    My electric company sends out a letter notifying homeowners when they will be clearing under the power lines.

    I call them in advance and request that they not spray near my property.

    My electric company has been great about it. They have been wonderful about working with me to see which trees need to be cut and which we can save.

    In the future, you may want to call them and see when they plan to be in your area.

  • jolj

    My land & easement.
    I am not selling my fruits,But if I was & lost that right, because of spraying to close to my crops.
    Then the PC would be at fault, no easement give anyone the right to hurt someones lively hood.
    You are probably right about the break down of the herbicides.
    I still think they could have put a notice in last months bill.

  • rlv4

    If you don't want them spraying herbicides on your property, then don't give them a reason. Keep the area under the power lines free of weeds/brush/trees and anything else that may interrupt power transmission to thousands of others. If you don't feel like that is your job, then let them do it and stop complaining about how they do it.

  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    Utility easements give the power company the right to maintain that land as they deem necessary for free access. If there is brush, weeds, trees, etc. that interfer with their access, then they have the right to clear out the area using whatever methods they want.

    While most power companies are usually cooperative in working with homeowners on how they go about doing this, especially with regards to spraying, you need to be a bit proactive. Notify them that you are attempting to be organic and don't want any herbicides/pesticides sprayed along your easement OR keep it clear yourself.

  • jolj

    WOW- rlv4 do you own a power company?
    gardengal48, as always you are right, I just think they should have sent out a notice.
    A notice that they are changing from cutting bush to spraying bush.
    Then I could have called & said that I would cut the easements or put up with what was cheater for the PC.
    I pay rates to & have stocks in this PC & would not want it to lose money or have large over head.
    I will miss all the free wood chips for composting.
    I am not really worried, because I do not sale my fruit.
    I open this thread, so anyone who did , could act.
    Some of my young sassafras slapping, on easement, are at a good walking stick size.I will cut them after they cure a
    little & carve them, this winter.

  • Jim Arnold

    My power company sent a notice and marked the trees to cut and trim. Then when they showed up they sprayed the whole back line of my property and killed everything. The vegetation is low growing and several hundred feet from the power lines. This is kind of enenvironmental destruction is unnecessary. They would rather kill my family with chemicals than have to pay a guy to trim it. This is not right.

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