Where can I get 20% vinegar?


I have a poison ivy problem that I would like to try the vinegar solution on. Where can I get that strong vinegar that I have heard people talking about?


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  • squeeze

    might be hard to find nowadays - I think they put some controls on it - ask at garden supply places [not the big box kind]


  • prairiemoon2 z6b MA

    Hi Bill..

    I am surprised I haven't gotten more responses. I think I have read a few posts on the forum where this substance is recommended for a number of things. Did I get it wrong? Maybe 20% is wrong. Is there anything readily available that is stronger than what you get at the supermarket?


  • JAYK

    You could try contacting Bradfield.

    I would counsel reading this article first.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Vinegar article

  • squeeze

    the only vinegar commonly available is 5-6% acetic acid, which is what is legal for food products - there is a 20% vinegar produced that is commonly called agricultural vinegar, but due to chemical regulations it's only legal most places if it's licensed as an herbicide - if it's available in your area you'll only find it at a nursery that carries a range of farm and garden chems


  • ghoghunter

    I saw a company called Maestro Grow that used to carry it. You could try calling them. Here is the link.There is a way to make an "organic" type of "roundup" solution. It is 1 gallon of 20% vinegar 2 ounces orange oil and a few drops of liquid dish soap. The 20% vinegar is available from a company in Texas called Maestro-Gro. You mix the ingredients together and spray just like you would with roundup except it is totally organic. The orange oil is the food grade type and is also available from the site or I imagine you could buy a much smaller quantity from a craft store.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Maestro Grow

  • albert_135   39.17°N 119.76°W 4695ft.

    A search for 20% acetic acid gives about 260 ghits. Many are glacial acetic acid which is 100% and can be safely diluted by anyone with a modicum of high school chemistry laboratory experience. But, there are several places at which sell the 20% stuff.

  • christiemoreen

    I bought 30% acetic acid vinegar from Peaceful Valley Farm Supply, It's $9.95 for 1 gallon. I diluted to 15% before using it.

  • prairiemoon2 z6b MA

    Thank you all for the great help in locating this product and for all the links with information about it. I appreciate it.


  • rosebush

    Does it really work on poison ivy??? Please let me know as I'm sitting here itching while typing. The stuff looks like a cover crop in the shady part of my garden path, and I've tried salt water, alcohol, and regular vinegar on it. Nothing works.

  • prairiemoon2 z6b MA


    Thanks for the link to that very helpful article on the 20% strength vinegar. I was unaware of the serious harm it could do when applying it if you are not careful. I was glad to be made aware of it.

    Haven't tried the vinegar yet, but still might. If so, will post again with the results.

  • unionmaid

    10% and 20% vinegar, also known as horticultural vinegar, is available at Marshall Grain Co. ( and Garden Ville (

  • dchall_san_antonio

    Since this surfaced I'm wondering how I missed it 2 years ago. All those sources carry it, so that's good info.

    Poison ivy is best killed with goats. Vinegar will take off the leaves but not the roots. Eventually if you keep after it, you can kill it. Even goats can't kill it quickly.

    20% vinegar will blind you if it gets into your eyes, so be very careful not to splash it or wipe it into your eyes.

    Glacial acetic acid at 100% is about the most dangerous thing you can get in the open market. Most homeowners don't have the gloves, apron, goggles, breathing apparatus or exhaust ductwork, and face shield needed to work with it.

  • slacker

    you can cook down the 5 - 6 % vinager yourself. It is mostly water, if you boil or freeze ( it works both ways ) you can take the water out and be left with a higher concentration.

    The water in a gallon of vinager will boil away first or freeze first, the freezing is easiest. I pour a gallon of vineger into a picture, and check it every two hours, as the water begins to freeze just scoop it out.

    Just what i have learned since going organic, works at killing dandilions, if you get them when they are young plants

  • dchall_san_antonio

    If you raise your mower's deck height you don't have to have dandelions at all. Tall grass pretty much prevents dandelions for free.

  • aprillee0422_gmail_com

    online at Amazon.

  • carlabarokas_hotmail_com

    Does anyone know the best way to apply the vinegar to my yard? I want to get rid of the clover (the flowers attract bees!) It's all over so it's too much for spot application.

    I don't want to kill the lawn, but my number one concern is that it is still safe for the kids to roll around in the lawn!

    What about one of those Miracle Grow containers that attach to your hose? Would that dilute it too much to be effective? Can I use household vinegar?

  • lisanti07028

    Vinegar will kill the tops of everything that gets sprayed - grass, clover, expensive perennials. The agricultural strength vinegar works faster, but the household vinegar will work. But you'll have no more lawn, either. If your clover is perennial, and I assume it is,it will grow back; the vinegar only kills the top growth, not the root. If you want to get rid of the clover, you will have to find another way. Sorry.

  • burdickstokstad_yahoo_com

    I live in a large agricultural county and spent much time calling, as well as walk-in to nurseries, farm stores, ag supplies, etc... finally had to order my 20% vinegar on-line, do the wait, wait, and then when it did arrive and I mixed with orange oil and dish soap, filled my sprayer with the one gallon of vinegar and it was GONE within 20 mins! I'm really bummed at the expense and time involved in going organic, and yet, I am committed to learning more in order to keep my new little orchard of 90 trees as healthy as possible. I was originally referred to this "recipe" in order to control star thistle -- we'll see in a couple of weeks. Any further ideas will gladly be taken into consideration :)

  • MarkJ1234

    I found 20% vinegar on this web site but it seemed a little high in price, but they did have a neat tool for wiping the vinegar onto stuff you want to kill. Sure beats overspray. I think I might order one.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Redweeder

  • clovers1970

    I got mine at a website called organic gardening shop. This stuff is hard to find locally. It just says 20% vinegar on the website but they shipped a brand called Nature's Wisdom. It worked for me. I have a problem with thistle, so I just chop the tops off and put a little in the hole. Kills them quick in the heat. Here is the link.

    Here is a link that might be useful: 20% Vinegar Organic Gardening Shop

  • dogwind

    I've purchased 20% this year at Lowes on Preston and 190 in Plano, TX

  • albert_135   39.17°N 119.76°W 4695ft.

    Google>shopping>"20% vinegar" turned up several places. If you are set up Google may find some in your area. Sorry, I don't know how to do the set-up. I get my area somehow but don't know how it happened.

  • blakrab Centex

    Hmm, so looks like Garden-Ville is the cheapest vendor online at $11.99 for 1 gallon.

    I mean, you could dilute 100% acetic acid yourself for much cheaper, but that sounds rather dangerous...

    Here is a link that might be useful: 20% Vinegar

  • emmers_m

    By the time you factor in shipping, most vendors are up to $20/gallon. (Couldn't find out at Garden-Ville as I didn't want to create an account, but at Maestro-Grow etc.)

    Is one application of 20% more effective than 10 applications of 5% (to justify the cost)?

  • lazy_gardens

    I mean, you could dilute 100% acetic acid yourself for much cheaper, but that sounds rather dangerous...

    Speaking in my "chemist with HAZMAT training" role ... that stuff is NASTY.

    We used glacial acetic acid in a hospital lab I worked with ... you need a full fume hood or a self-contained hazmat hood while making dilutions, and full-up splash protection gear. We were happy to see the test that required it go away.

    One of the just-delivered containers was leaking in the hallway of the lab ... we could smell it when we walked out of the elevator 3 closed doors and 60 feet away. So we grabbed the decontamination kits, suited up and cleaned it up, rescuing the rest of the delivery if we could.

    As expected, any paper it touched was crumbling away, but when we got to the bottom we found that IT ATE THROUGH THE VINYL TILE AND WAS WORKING ON THE CONCRETE!

    Vinegar, if strong enough, quickly knocks down the vegetative growth. For tender seedlings, that's usually enough to kill the plant.

    For other plants, they just come back from the roots.

    I tested the common Pinterest recipe here:

    Here is a link that might be useful: Vinegar VS Glyphosate

  • bolob

    Hi, If you have any frien in Hungary, might be you can ask him/her to send it to you from there. It cost around 0.65 USD.

    Here is a link that might be useful: 20% vinegar

  • Nancy Ragsdale

    I can buy the 20% at our local Lowes in the gardening section. Home Depot and Walmart sales people just stared at me. I have not tried the nursery.

  • Kevin H

    You can order 20% and 30% vinegar from I found that if you mix 1 gallon of water with 30% vinegar ad 2 ounces of orange oil extract and 1 tablespoon of dish soap it will kill just about anything you spray it on

  • Jim Allen

    I hauled vinegar in tank trailers at 100-200-300 grain. It will burn you instantly, even if you were holding a water hose in your hands at the time. We hauled it to the pickling plants, like Heinz, etc..

    I'm not sure if it's used at the strength it was hauled there, or diluted. I'd say diluted, as these companies wouldn't want to pay to haul the water.

    I was thinking 100 grain vinegar for this purpose, 10%.

    I use two cups table salt, and 1/4 to 1/2 cups of blue Dawn dishwashing soap per gallon of 50 grain vinegar, 5%.

    It's effective, but on the harder to kill weeds it can 2-4 applications. It kills the damn red ants, too. I'm currently practicing genocide on these particular ants. They both bite, and sting. The site swells to tennis ball size, it's painful, and easily infected. Itches like crazy.

  • Johnny Mac

    If you want to go nuclear on the ants try permethrin, I use Hi yield 38. Warning this is black death to insects..ants cockroaches scorpions as well as good insects like bees so use carefully. If you are staying organic, it's natural version is pyrethrin which is made from Chrysanthemum flowers. won't help your lawn, but might stop your pain. Pyrethrin Permethrin

  • simona845

    I recently was looking for concentrated vinegar to take off the ball pen writing from my antique book. The strongest one I could find over here is German made vinegar, 24% concentration in 14 oz bottle - Surig Essig Essence Vinegar. It is available at Walmart for $3.99, if they are shipping plus $6. On eBay it is also about $10 for the bottle.

  • Jim Allen


    The best selection I've seen. Various brands from 5%-50 grain, 10%-100 grain, 20%-20%- 200 grain, and 30%-300 grain, vinegar. (white distilled)

    Keep in mind, 20%-200 grain acetic acid is corrosive, and will also cause instant burns on skin. Neutralise with baking powder/water mix.

    Gloves, and glasses are a must, respirator is advised. Use outdoors, is indicated.

    I'm using it in a mix as weed killer. It's effective using 5% table vinegar, but, Some 20-30% would really knock them out. Maybe even kill the Brazilian red ants that now live here. I'm practicing genocide on these

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