My frogs suddenly disappeared!!!

12 years ago

All my green frog just suddenly disappeared this Friday. I've keep checking day and night to see if they are by the pond or in my backyard, but they're not. They usually hang out on the rocks around the pond. Strange because we just had a heat wave of hot humid weather reaching 32C (90F). My pond water temperature had gone up to 30C (86F) at the highest point. My goldfish are doing ok. Is it possible that the heat made them leave?

I doubt it was a preditor otherwise we would have found things disturbed or frog parts. Not a rock is out of place.

Is it possible that they left because they couldn't find enough food? I had rebuilt my pond, got the frogs and fish in first (3 weeks ago), a bit of plants around, and am now finally completing the landscaping around. It needs to grow in now, but surely there are insects about.

Is it possible that the left to search for a mate? I'm sure I had 2 females, and definetely 2 males. (#5 got shredded in my pump accidently-this is now fixed and no longer a threat). Would they leave the area to find a new mate?

This whole thing has me perplexed. The only other clues I have is that earlier last week I saw on 2 occasions at night a frog hopping away from the frog into the rest of the yard at least 8 feet away. I had chased them back into the pond.

Clue #2 this Friday when I saw they the weren't around the pond, my daugther found 1 female out by the front of the house on the sidewalk flattened. It was drier up, but intact, so I dont' think a preditor would have carried it out there. It must have hopped way out there for other reason. Perhaps, hopped into my neighbours yard, and couldn't get back to ours. Or started this journey for some other reason.

I've tried searching the internet to find reasons why adult green frogs may leave the pond, but can't find anything.

Anyone have any ideas? Or ever experienced this? Its day 4 now, and I don't think I'll ever see them again.

(By the way, I brought them from the cottage last summer and they stayed all year by my pond and overwintered successfully).

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