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Starting Ice Plant from Seed

9 years ago

Please forgive me If I have posted this in the wrong section. I'm a new member and this is a vast website :P

I need help!!! I bought 50 Ice plant, Fire spinner seeds online and I can't get them to germinate!!
I'm trying to start them indoors. I have them on a bed of well draining soil, they are kept moist but not soggy, I try to keep them warm and have a grow light on them but nothing is happening! I Started them February 15th and its now March 12th. what on earth am I doing wrong?!?! I still have a few seeds left to try a different method if anyone has any ideas. I also have a few seeds in a peat mixture, those are covered with no light with the same results, nothing.

The picture isn't mine but a stock photo of what I should be growing.. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I feel like I'm growing nothing but dirt!

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