Greenhouse ?

11 years ago

Hey everyone. I recently applied a layer of 6 mil thick plastic to the inside of my greenhouse on 2 sides. I have a 10x10 house that has an insulated north wall. I have polycarbonate on the east, south,and on the lower slope of the west roof. Heres my question? The polycarbonate is clear and allows 100 percent light transmission. The plastic allows probably 50 t0 60 percent light transmission. When things start heating up in there in the spring, should I pull that plastic off allowing more light, which means more heat. Or would it be beneficial in terms of allowing some light but not too much keeping it at a more moderate range, and not allowing soring temps in there once summer hits. I know it seems as a double edge sword. The other option I have if with time is placing a second layer of polycarbonate on the inside, that has a 4 in air gap inbetween. Again this would allow 100 percent light transmisson but would also have more R value since its double layered. thanks

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