HFGH Follow-up

13 years ago

A while back I reported on how my 10x12 HFGH blew flat 4 days after construction was completed. Someone mentioned I should look at homeowners insurance (right, it cost less than my deductible), and someone mentioned warranty. I frankly expected HF to say it wasn't covered, but low and behold I just took delivery of my new replacement HFGH, after sending the mangled bits and pieces back to them.

I wouldn't be so bold as to say that this is their policy, but for those others who have had wind damage, might as well give it a try. I was purposely very polite and complimetary (the old sugar and vinegar thing), but I was firm that the greenhouse was built exactly per their design and should have stayed up more than 4 days. I guess they agreed.

I will now rebuild my 10x12 greenhouse with some slight design modifications (like a cedar and PT frame to replace the flimsy aluminum). As I've already stated, I feel that the 4 mil poly is worth the price of the greenhouse, and the aluminum will not go to waste. It might make a nice shade house in a more protected part of my property.

I seriously considered whether or not to post this (please don't flame me if you don't get the same treatment), but this information could benefit others and help HF's reputation.

p.s. My better half says absolutely "no more kits". She wants everything built from scratch since I do tend to overbuild my projects. Next project will be a lean-to on the south side of my storage barn. 14x40 should give a nice growing space. ;)

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